I am just learning this ... was wondering if we had anyone here into graphics and   Video productions?

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I'm into graphics and am just beginning to try my hand with turning my photos into video slide shows. Lisa Mai can tell you I'm the one that always has the camera snapping away at the different events. : >)

Right now I have about 6000+ photos to go through from the last few events I've been to. I'll get some posted as soon as I can get to them.

I'm staying really busy with all the elections right now and believe it or not but there's only one of me and only 24 hours in a day, so I can only get so much done. DC is busy adding things almost on a daily basis, (taxes, debt, Obamacare, etc.) maybe they will add a few more hours in a day. LOL --- Nah, they'd just tax us for those extra hours.
YEEHAW ...finally

Well guess we can learn as we go EH?
If you need any music for them you can use anything Lisa Mei and I have done.
I'm sure some of the other artist won't mind, however I can't speak for everyone so just ask if you hear something that inspires you to make a video. ... we have great bunch of folks here.
Thanks so much. I do sing but haven't recorded anything in years. I do mostly Gospel but have and can sing just about anything. Maybe when things slow down we can work together on something.
I'm all about collaboration MsDebi
SingSnap is a great place to sing some karaoke tunes to keep your vocals warmed up. You can find a link on the sidebars to the left.
You can post SingSnap videos here or keep them private if you like.
That sounds great. I keep my vocals warmed up usually because my two little girls love to sing, so we're always singing around here. They both have a "natural" ear. They can hear a song one time and immediately get the melody even though it takes a while to get the words down.



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