I posted a song under the title "piano ballad in E major" that needs lyrics. If anyone is interested in collaborating please take a listen.


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 Here is a list of   LYRICIST  You can peek in on some of their work.

 Do you need vocals on it as well Or just lyrics?

  A list of  CULTURE WARRIORS  and  their area of expertise 

Well, I NEED a lyricist, but it's always good to know about good singers.

  There is a lot  of talent lurking about here  Keith ...   Your track has a great sound, nice work 

Hm. It has an end-of-the affair / Chad&Jeremy "Summer Song" sort of feel. I got images from all the cinematic romantic cliche scenes, especially from the bridge. It could be tough to put words to it without getting sappy. I'll keep thinking about it.

(PS: You mixed the kazoo and tuba sections much too low.)

It takes a keen ear to even hear the kazoo part. Well spotted :0)

Keith, I have a rough draft of lyrics prepared for you.  A friend request has been made, but please email me at: SHunterSmith.ProudAmerican@gmail.com so that I may send the lyrics to you.  We can talk over the phone so that I can explain how they fit with the music.  I have never done this before, I hope you like it!

S. Hunter Smith

Keith, did you get a chance to check out the lyrics I wrote for your Piano Ballad?

Hunter, I apologize for dropping the ball. I did read your lyrics I didn't think they were a perfect fit. good effort tho'




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