Freedom for Palestine: Left-Wing Propaganda Through Music

I know it comes as no surprise to most of us on this site that Hollywood and the music industry are being used as tools by the radical left to brainwash our society. It is precisely why we are doing what we do with our different talents.

We absolutely MUST fight them on this front. People dismiss pop culture as secondary to everything happening in the world.

I attribute much of today's problems and the mindset of our society on the successful propaganda campaign waged against an unsuspecting public. Ben Shapiro's new explosive bestseller, "Primetime Propaganda" confirms what many of us have known for many years about Hollywood's use of film and television programming to promote their left-wing agenda.

And songs like this "Freedom For Palestine" are just another example of outright lies being propagated by the left through music and big names in the industry...

Glenn Beck put out a call in this video for conservative artists in Hollywood and music to use their talents to fight back...


In fact, Toots Sweet already has a song called "Stand With Israel"...great work as always!


Friends...this is a WAR...and we are on the frontlines of the culture war...It is up to US to speak out with our creative abilties...and to bring MORE culture warriors to battle.... your videos, blogs, photos, and other's content to your Facebook and Twitter helps grow our movement and makes our voices louder and stronger...


All you need to do is to mash the FaceBook and Twitter buttons at the bottom of each post (yours and others') and it will post our content here to all your friends and followers on those other sites. 


It is all a part of MARKETING our mission!


Thanks for all you do...keep the great songs, videos, blogs, artwork, poems, films, photos, etc are all making a difference.




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We have Toots' song. I just wrote a song called "Courage" that I am heading into the studio to record this month. I am sure there will be many more as well to contribute to this battle against the left!!



smiling....  I do believe all of us here  are ahead of Mr. Beck on this one 

He is going to  be mighty   happy to know  there are many Conservative artist out there

 We don't need Hollywood to fight for us!




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