MSNBC and Rolling Stone Magazine involved with OWS while "objectively" reporting on it

This email exchange, with the Occupy organizers, includes direct involvement with two specific "big names" in the MSM: Dylan Ratigan from MSNBC and Matt Taibbi from Rolling Stone. These two, specifically, have not only been assisting the organizers with forming their message... they have been reporting on it at the same time. Other prominent names in the emails included in this dialogue are Bill Moyers and Noam Chomsky... I see an email address from and as well (I have not had time to verify if the Bill Moyers address is for the PBS personality or not). This is so incredibly not cool:

Direct exchange between OWS organizers, Matt Taibbi (Rolling Stone)...

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Thanks for keeping us posted, Colleen...this is pretty maddening to see this happening to our country...
I couldn't agree with you more, Lisa.  I've been researching the entire data dump and will be posting up more as I find... Some of this, as you know, has just stopped me dead in my tracks out of creepshock.  And the public really needs to know - spoke with my Boss in great length about what I've learned and am trying to get the info out to as many as I can.  Thank you for posting this to Facebook, btw!



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