Heard about this cool program from a friend the other day and again on the radio earlier tonight.  What a cool way to share your gifts and lift some spirits! Music truly does have healing powers...If you are in any of the areas where they have this great program, you may want to check it out!



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Yes Reese, it's a wonderful way to share the gift of music. Thanks for posting this Lisa.
Lisa, I went online and registered to perform for this but they don't have a chapter in my area. I wonder how I could start one.

Ms Anne they have one in Indianapolis and Columbus

But if you're interested in bringing Musicians On Call to your area, please email
Michael Hill  Director of Volunteers and Programming  


This is their Staff email below contact Anyone and they will point you in the right direction

Leslie Morrison Faerstein Ed. D., LCSW

Executive Director

Katherine Hinchliffe
 Associate Director |

Michael Hill
 Director of Volunteers and Programming |

Katherine Maskeroni
 Manager of New Media & Creative Marketing |

Kerri Engel
 Program Coordinator |

Tammy Nesmith
 Assistant to the Executive Director |

Katy Brown
 Program Director, Nashville, TN |

Dana Brim
 Program Coordinator, Nashville, TN |

Michelle Klinger
 Program Director, Miami/South Florida |

Thank you BigDawg
Great idea. I will definitely see if they are active in my area.

Great idea but none in my area :( 




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