New co-host on Conservative Nation Radio and Madison Rising will be the bunper opening! Come listen!

Just letting you know I accepted the fun deal of co-hosting for Michael B. Smith on Soldiers of Patriotism on Blog Talk Radio and I talked Michael into playing Madison Rising's Star Spangled Banner for his bumper so please tune in!

Today's lineup and call in times.

Soldiers of Patriotism PROUDLY Presents - A DO NOT MISS SHOW 3PM CST - with special guest VIRGINIA PRODEN

Guest Call in 718-305-7176

Call in and speak to this incredible inspiration as she reminds us just what we have that is worth fighting for. Listen as she tells the story of how she became the target of a Dictator and the Securitate, Romania's secret police, when she became a Christian and began fighting religious persecution in that country.

"Socialism is against God, Guns and Gold" Virginia Proden

Virginia Prodan's Fight for Freedom and Escape from Romanian Communism

You do not want to miss this INCREDIBLE story of struggle, searching for freedom
Virginia Prodan's Fight for Freedom and Escape from Romanian Communism
Virginia Prodan was an attorney in Communist Romania under the rule of Nicolae Ceausescu. She

Please join us and call in so you can make me work! LOL

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Your guest sounds very interesting  BING....Romanian Communism  GEEZ 

 what a story she must have ..... sounds like a fantastic show brother thanks 


Yea man it was a great show!

She had alot to tell about how Communism snuck into her country and how she thinks it is doing the same in This COUNTRY!

BTW, I was thinkin to see if anybody here wants us to play their songs as our outro bumper music. We can make that happen depending on  the response! let me know what y'all think!

  I just need to  say one thing about songs since you  mentioned them up again.... 

"The Star Spangled Banner"  is America's SONG NOT Madison Rising's  "Star Spangled Banner" 


   If you hear a certain song you like .You might want to  shoot the artist an email.  These threads are easy to miss --- and the side bars get buried fast.


Yes I should have clarified that as it is their rendition of the National Anthem! Thanks for keeping me in line. :)

And thanks for your suggestion to!



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