LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB Fox 41)--People who need help from the state could soon have to take a drug test to get that help. State Rep. Lonnie Napier of Lancaster introduced the House Bill 208. The bill would require random drug testing for adults who get food stamps, medicaid or other state assistance.

"I went on maternity leave when I had my daughter," says Irma Turner, who receives state assistance. Until she can get back on her feet, Irma Turner is on the Kentucky Transitional Assistance Program and receives food stamps. "It helps a lot when you can't get a job, you are able to provide for your family."

Turner is a single parent and says feeding her two children would be impossible without state assistance. "I wouldn't be able to provide for my family like I would want to."

So it's not surprising that she would do just about anything to keep getting that assistance, even submitting to random drug testing. "A lot of people would have a problem with it but me personally, no."

It is an issue being debated by some lawmakers in Frankfort. Lancaster State Representative Lonnie Napier recently filed the bill and says it's not about hurting anyone, but rather helping people. "What I filed this bill for is hoping that I could help people get off of drugs."

Napier says right now too many people are abusing the system. "They get their food stamps and they take 'em and buy groceries and swap them for drugs and all kinds of things like this and the children are not reaping the benefits of it."

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 Personally I think ALL random  drug testing  is b*******   Unless they have probable cause to test you what  we do outside of our jobs is none of their dang business.

 However,  these folks seem to have no problems with the  random  drug testing  on  the folks that actually PAY for state programs and pay the  State workers.

  So, I say  drug test Congress too and ANYONE who works for the state or do away with the whole dang system of randomly testing folks. I've seen too many fantastic employees fall to the way side  because they  had a few drinks too many, and experimented with some things  during a wild weekend, and a few duh moments. What grown adults do on their own time is NONE of our employers business.





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