Please SHARE: Occupiers could show up on your block next... seriously.

Occupy X is calling out to bring it on home.  Literally.  During research of the recently leaked emails of the Google Group, I found a message from one of the lead Organizers, who goes by @grimwomyn on twitter.  She posted a link to an #OccupyHomes tumblr account. That tumblr page contains a direct call to action for setting up Occupy squatters in foreclosed homes where the defaulted owner is facing eviction:

"This Occupy event could also be at your rightful home - after your notice of eviction toward the end of the foreclosure process. Especially in states with a non-judicial process, they can come for you just a matter of weeks after your first missed payment.

The core issue is that mass production of forged documents allowing anyone to just come and steal your home is encouraged by today’s privatized government. Don’t let anyone just steal your home just because they say they can. Forgery, as well as theft, is still a crime even though it not prosecuted. Our purpose is to change this.

So, before they come to evict you, please contact @occupyhomes or anyone associated with @ows and we’ll come over for an extended stay and help you Occupy your own Home while we help provide legal assistance.

Winter is coming after all, and occupations need to be in warm places as well as in city parks, you know?"


What would you do if an Occupation began on your block, or even more disconcerting, in your nextdoor neighbor's house?  The Public needs to know about this.  Please share.

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Now I am going to be watching that house next door.  Can't believe these people.  What has society raised

a bunch of lunatics.  What happened to all the hippies "peace and love"?  Now its all about hate and what they can steal for free.  Sad.....and scary.

Watch gun and ammo sales soar if this happens...


  Does anyone remember the Move people in Philadelphia? That's how it will be. They disturbed the lives of the neighbors for years before they were forced out. In fact, the mayor of Phila. had their house bombed. Burned down a few blocks of innocent peoples' houses along with them. That was the only way to get them out.

 This administration will not allow any retribution against the freaks who want to incite us. They want to being their crap to all small towns. The only retribution from this government will be toward the good people who just want to be left alone.



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