Our beloved Brigade Babe, Jeannie Hinck, posted this awesome photo of her and a fellow band mate and it inspired this song....which Jeannie wrote after the Gibson Guitar raid...


And Andrew (BigDawg) took Jeannie's chords and created this KICK A** Bluegrass, Country, Rock, Disco track...a.k.a. "BigDawg Genre"....or "Cracker Disco"...hehe....LOVE IT!!


We were both honored that Jeannie asked us to work with her on this!!





So here's what we need from all the rest of you BigDawg Babes....


For the video we'd like to do for this we need photos or video clips of you with a guitar, gun, and/or horse, or ALL THREE!  You don't even need to play guitar...just love someone who does! ;)


So all you Gun-Totin', Guitar-Playin, Paint-brush weilding, Radio Show-hosting, Book/Blog-writing, America-lovin' lady patriots...BigDawg has put out the call!!  


Please send your photos/clips to me at Lisamei62@yahoo.com.



Yours in liberty, music, and gun powder...hehe

Jeannie, Lisa, and Andrew




I met up with a cowgirl a story she did tell
Of a villain who was powerful and strong
And when she strummed her guitar I thought I saw a tear
As she began to sing for me her song
A song about our government of criminals and czars
Taking with their guns our guitars

They busted into Gibson's home lookin' to shut 'em down
Their guns were cocked and ready for the kill
They fell upon the Gibsons and grabbed them by their necks
And shouted we will finish you, we will
Dreams of pretty girls came crashing down like falling stars
For the Government is stealing our guitars

She said they’ll have to fight us for what we know is right
This hope and change is changing all our plans
We're clinging to our bibles and we're clinging to our guns
Now listen boys this is how it stands
You can have our guitars only when you can
Pry them from our cold and dying hands

The raid they made on Gibson was a terrorizing act
And every cowgirl knows it isn't right
To bully any company who doesn't play their tune
Oh brother they have picked a bitter fight
They’ll make you pay if you wanna play
If the government says you could
Except that they have stolen all the wood

And as her story ended the cowgirl rode away
With all the pain and sorrows and the scars
These tyrants will have to face the ones they hurt the most
Pretty girls with guns and guitars
They never saw them rising up like shooting stars
Pretty girls with guns and guitars
Pretty girls with guns and guitars

© 2011, Jeannie Hinck, Andrew (BigDawg)



 Here's the video Jeannie created:

Thanks for all the photos Y'all are amazing!! --BigDawg

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BD and Lisa.... You guys ROCK it like NASA!  This is so cool!  THANK YOU for taking my little ballad into your hearts and giving it wings!  .............. and folks, Lisa was being modest when she mentioned the picture as the inspiration, because the song title came from Lisa, when she first saw the pic.... I stole her title and ran, lol, so her name should be in the credits!  


Drew, you really manifested the spirit of this creation.... and WOW.... what a guitar-pickin' fool!!!  YEEHA!


Thanks again, you two.... and I can't wait to get the video production under way...... so c'mon you cowgirls, gitcher guns, guitars, hats, boots, horses and dusters, cameras, pens & pencils, or whatever it takes and let's make us a vid to match this awesome, BigDawg tribute to Gibson Guitars!

With much love, gratitude and aspiration,



Aww shucks, Jeannie!  I loved working on this with you and Drew....this is what this site is all about...sharing, collaborating, and lifting each other up during these dark times in our nation's history....WE are determined to keep America the Shining City On the Hill...and with all the talent on this site...I just know we are gonna git 'er done!!


Love you!!


Really Great to hear true grace and great inspiration!!! You girls give me such hope & inspiration in my art work it's great to feel a great vibe while drawing my cartoons... Thank You




Good luck with your project ladies...... can't wait to see the end results!

  Thanks for listening Y'all and your kind comments.  Lisa you sound amazing as ever... thanks for putting up with me.

 Ms Jeannie thank you  for allowing me to run with it.... your an amazing lyricist. 


Looking forward to them Images Y'all 
  GUNS,Horses Guitars... C'mon Dawgettes   I KNOW Y'all are packing ... HA!!

 Bring it.... so we can add you to the Video  support Gibson 
 Please send your photos/clips to me at  Lisamei62@yahoo.com.

    Hey, man thanks for peeking in  ...   Hillbilly Disco .... WHO KNEW? EH ...    LOL   glad you enjoyed  the new flavor .

JoeDanMedia said:

Hillbilly disco...  very cool.  Nice work.
I be lovin' me some girls with Guns and Guitars !!!  Heck ya,  Git"R"Dun!!!
Great  Job Y'all, very nice !!!

WOW!! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Drew buddy, Guitars will burn when you play them that hot brother! That my friend, is some of the best pickin' my ears have ever heard. Awesome...was that a Dobro too? You guys need to get a copy of this off to Gibson's PR Dept!!! What can I say, Jeannie, Lisa & Drew....Outstanding! Fire on the mountain...good!


Love it love it love it!

What a TEAM!!!  Cracker Disco, hmm?  lol 

Great Job Y'all!


Love it!



This is great, makes the imagination work....ummm pics....

Super job everyone...



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