Seeking Performers for the Constitution Day Jubilee in Fredericksburg, VA

The Fredericksburg Patriots are planning their first annual Constitution Day Jubilee (, a public event on 17 September 2011 to celebrate the 224th anniversary of our Constitution. The jubilee will be a family friendly, community event that will feature live music, guest speakers, appearances by elected officials, a Walk Thru The Constitution Challenge, games, food and much more. The event theme is "The Constitution - Needed Now More Than Ever."
We are seeking performers for this event which will be held at Patriot Park in Fredericksburg Virginia from 3-7pm. We are expecting between 1500-2500 attendees. The objective is to reinvigorate American constitutionalism and recall the nation to its first principles.
Proceeds raised will benefit the following:
* "Operation Gratitude" for Care Packages to our Troops in Iraq & Afghanistan and Fisher House, which houses family members of our wounded at military hospitals.
* A scholarship award for a high school level student winner of a state-wide Constitution essay contest.
* Cash awards to middle and elementary grade students for a state-wide Constitution Poster contest.
If you are interested in performing at this event please contact me directly at

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Dave, I am free then and would love to perform.

Anne Marie Harpen

It's a possibility for sure!!!. Let me check my schedule and get back to you in a few!!



Thanks Chris

Chris Ross said:

It's a possibility for sure!!!. Let me check my schedule and get back to you in a few!!





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