America must push back against the unconstitutional, federal takeover of education. STOP The Common Core "State" Standards Initiative! Eventually this will affect every school in America!!

 I Just recently found out that the state of IN has adopted CC. It's flying under the radar..BUT NOT FOR LONG! Last wk AFP brought D*** Morris to Fort Wayne to speak about "School Choice" and school vouchers and how great it will be that underprivileged children will be able to go to private or charter schools for a higher academic education. Well guess what, It wont matter if a student goes to a private, public or charter school the curriculum will be the SAME for any school who accepts "School Choice" vouchers.. 

"School Choice" and "Common Core" go hand in hand. When D*** Morris was in Fort Wayne, IN He was ask about CC He apologized and said, "I'm not familiar with it" Mr. Morris and Indiana American For Prosperity leaders was given a brochure. I spoke with the Chase -IN State director of AFP today..He said, "We probably wouldn't get around to reviewing material regarding CC til around Oct, Nov or maybe even Dec" .
That's not good enough it will be too late!!!
This is a taste of what Common Core is about: #1 It's unconstitutional for the Fed Gov to write school curricula.
#2 Fed Gov is accomplishing this anyway
#3 IN legislature never voted to adopt CC
#4 CC Has never been evaluated for effectiveness
#5 In Has to lower standards to align with CC
#6 States that adopt CC MUST accept standards word for word
#7 CC Math will put Indiana students 2 yrs behind counterparts in high performing countries
#8 CC students may graduate from high school with a 7th grade reading level Just to name a few!!!
WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS??? The Indiana General Assembly did not vote on this radical shift of power. It was done quickly and quietly by ISBE, to avoid public discussion or dissent.
Common is part of the broader federal effort to collect massive amounts of personal student and family data to share with other government agencies.
* Any private school accepting a voucher must accept the CC
* If the CC proponents have their way, all standardized test will align with CC, forcing private schools and home school families to teach to the test or risk their children being unfairly evaluated for college and scholarship opportunities.
COMMON CORE WILL COST HOOSIERS AN ESTIMATED $360 MILLION over 7 years for textbooks, teacher training, and technology plus an increased cost for testing.

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