"...whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is theRight of the People to alter or to abolish it..."  Declaration of Independence

Imagine Obamacare, the federal reserve, the foreign wars, the deficit, a corrupt federal judiciary, congressional malfeasance and the welfare state among a host of other now insurmountable problems all gone in a singe action. It could be accomplished in a year by merely reconvening representatives from the state legislatures to meet in constitutional convention to dissolve the United States government. Scary? Yes. Radical? Yes, but no more radical than when the original framers met in Philadelphia with the temerity to create that same government in the face of virtually unanimous national opposition. The key point is this: the United States government is/was in WHOLE a creation of the collected individual states to solve some problems which were beyond the ability of the individual states alone. This is no longer the case as every state now has its own standing army, its own tax systems and international trade representatives. Beginning with the federal reserve act and the income tax laws of 1913 we have seen the federal government become a master to the people instead of a useful servant and now it considers itself through its courts the supreme law of the land. Furthermore, under a national government of 300 million citizens we now find it is as impossible for individual citizens to find redress of grievances as it would be under a global one. Consider this: the population of the United States at the forming of our government was barely 5 million. The population of Tennessee is now over 6 million and we are one of the smaller states. Each state has a constitution of its own which closely mirrors the US constitution and in many cases is far superior, so there is little chance of harm in having your state government be the highest authority in power. It is time to dissolve our creation and begin anew. Liberty cannot be regained in national elections, we know that. Somehow the beast must be stopped and this seems the best option to me. What are your thoughts?


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