If anyone is interested in making some graphics  for BDMM members to  use

 Step on up and start sharing your talents with us, we could use some right leaning quotes,or other  fun things to  brighten the  pages up a bit, and spread some smiles.

Please make sure you watermark your  creations, because you know  they are going to be so dang good everyone will be snagging  them even non members  


 I'm looking forward to seeing who will be first to step up 

c'mon I double dawg dare ya, show us whatcha got 


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You are fabulous, Rich...I know Andrew (BigDawg) would love to have drawing of a Boxer or Bulldog (like the ones on our header) with headphones on sitting next to an old victrola (like this RCA dog)....

 YEEHAW    nice to see some folks on this one....


No, Ms Debbie those are not mine, but I do have  an English bulldog and Ms Lisa has a Boxer
 Those  dogs on the header  would be a perfect muse.

 This is open to ALL  ARTIST    

 I was thinking the other day would be cool to have a female  Boxer with a  Ms Kitty type  personality  to represent Ms.Lisa Mei but not so girly, and frilly LOL :)  and  a Bulldog roughneck cracker  ahem Cowboy  if your from other parts of the country for  moi 

 The same dogs  boxer  in Airforce service dress  ...bulldog in   Marine dress blues   doing what ever Y'all want to add to the vision.


  If you have any questions... give  me a shout  and shoot me a personal email so we can hash out details off the boards.




 NO HURRY  at all!!


Richard Gibbs said:

All goes good this weekend and I'll have you several to pick and choose from come Monday or Tuesday.....

 AWESOME Ms Debbie I can't wait to see it....


  Yes Ma'am      The English Bulldog is our Mascot  we just lost our beloved Sgt. Archibald Hummer last month

 He died in his sleep 



 Here is our newest Member 



 No name yet  ....

Names that have been suggested include "Dakota," for recent Medal of Honor recipient Sgt. Dakota Meyerand "MoH" for the medal of honor itself.

Another suggestion is "Ira" for Cpl. Ira Hayes, who took part in raising the American flag on Mount Suribachi during the Battle of Iwo Jima during World War II.




If you need any animated cartoons... did some work with Walt Disney... opening my Studio this year end... trying to get some good stuff posted on a animated movie I'm doing on my DOGS & CATS... " The Cloverlane Bandits"...












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