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Where "Conservative" is never a "Dirty Word"

We showcase promote, collaborate, and create with Right-leaning Artists giving them a platform to share their talents. Big Dawg Music Mafia does not make any claims on your rights, or the rights of any artists you may represent. 


"Pardon Our Noise - It's The Sound Of Freedom" 

 -- Our Mission Is Simple --

To showcase Conservative leaning Artists and Musicians who want to make a difference in this world

- Advancing Freedom in a world of full of'Liberal Progressive' -

Liberals  promote collectivism - the antithesis of individualism. They view individualists as selfish and rebellious. They’re right about the latter; the only true rebels in the artistic community today are Conservatives. That American “Spirit of Individualism” is at the heart and soul of our culture today.  

One of America’s most extraordinary strengths is her ability to work together for the common good when called to do so while rising above the fray. Just as the majestic eagle soars above storm clouds, our entrepreneurial spirit propels us forward with relentless tenacity. In the face of this adversity we find innovative ways to educate fellow Freedom Fighters to counter tactics Liberals use to undermine our institutions.

How you ask?   

We can unequivocally reply

without sugar coating: "It's the Culture, Stupid."

  •  We are using the Magical Powers of Music, Song, Poetry, Prose, Drawings, Films, Comedy, Photography, Paintings, Rants, Humor, Blogs and Ramblings, to motivate, encourage, and re-charge Americans and Freedom lovers around the world, who lean to the Right.
  • We offer ALL genres’ of music and Art not just what we prefer to listen to and see.
  • We collaborate and lift each other up, and share our love of the Arts, our love for America, freedom and our desire to reach out to others with our message.
  • We believe it should be up to the fans not the"cliquish – bullying" tactics of the self-appointed music-art critics, and talking heads, to decided what the fans want to hear, see, read, and watch.


BigDawg Music Mafia proudly supports

Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc.

Music and Art refreshes your soul, so encourage everyone you know to take 15 minutes out of their busy week to soak in some soothing “Ear-Candy” and beautiful “Eye-Candy” the artwork is amazing .

The best part is All of the Artists just happen to be

Conservatives or Libertarians 

You DO NOT have to be a musician, singer, songwriter, poet, to join us. 

We welcome all who support  American D.I.Y.  Artists  who  lean to the RIGHT

We have an amazing cyber-team of Keyboard Warriors, Big Kudos to them.


Together we can infiltrate Pop Culture to make a Cultural change.
It starts here — It starts with YOU!

  BigDawg Music Mafia


 Where American Conservative/Libertarian Culture Artists Unite 


We welcome all who support the Conservative Culture Warriors  and need a cyber-team to help spread the word.

Many of our members focus their talents toward the message of Freedom and are very politically active with The TEA Party Movement and Political campaigns as well.  We are  trying to keep up with  day jobs, doing gig's, finding family time, and fan base building. Needless to say we are  VERY  busy so you won't find us idling too much on the boards


Some members are old school hippies who still have peace pipes, and play their Yoko Ono LPs :)  but they are hard core Patriots, we agree, to disagree and find common ground.  BigDawg Music Mafia welcomes anyone who wants to share their gifts with an open heart and mind, and most of all, mutual respect for each others' creativity and talents to join us.  Debate is encouraged, just keep the gloves on, and keep it clean.


 Bare-knuckle brawling, and Spamming Email, on and off the boards is strictly prohibited. 

Feel free to share your songs - originals or covers, videos, photos, artwork, poems, blogs, karaoke performances, etc.

 Thank you for  the support

"CULTURE is the MASTER KEY to unlocking politics - It opens the doors to Conservatism, the Constitution and Capitalism."  


**No Tolerance Policy**

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conservative n. 

1. One who, or that which, preserves from ruin, injury, innovation, or radical change;a preserver; a conserver. [1913 Webster]

"The Holy Spirit is the great conservative of the new life."

[1913 Webster]
2. One who desires to maintain existing institutions and customs; also, one who holds moderate opinions in politics; -- opposed to revolutionary or radical. [1913 Webster]

3. A member of the Conservative party. [1913 Webster]



** All Music, Poems, Images, Artwork, and Lyrics are copyrighted by their respective owners. BigDawg Music Mafia does not claim ownership nor do we vouch for their authenticity.**

Comments, songs, images, or lyrics inciting violence, violent acts or behaviors which a reasonable person would consider as inappropriate or posing a danger or threat of danger to anyone  will be removed





 If you disagree with something we are doing on a personal level contact us
** via private email **


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Comment by Jeannie Hinck on August 27, 2011 at 12:31am
DITTO, Leo! 
Comment by Leo Sopicki on March 9, 2011 at 12:03pm
I find the existence of this site encouraging and inspiring. Thank you for creating this.


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