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The Patriot Do's & Don'ts for 2013!

  • Remember we are right!

For the very same reason that a handful of farmers were able to defeat the most heavily armed and well equipped empire in the world, we will prevail. And that is guaranteed because we have chosen (at great costs perhaps) to be on the side of right. We can never forget this first and most important fact!

  • Do what you do!

Find what it is that you…


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The End of the Line

A funny/sad thing happened to me as I started to prepare my own “Screams & Dreams” for tomorrow. (See yesterday’s blog) I guess by seeding my mind with the intention of first exorcizing the Screams, it brought forth a startling realization that had more to do with an event that occurred in the last century…which is not only responsible for the cable feed of gratuitous sex acted out by younger and younger actors for the pleasure of our teenage daughters while…


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My Happy New Year "Screams & Dreams" Idea!

To Whom it May Inspire ~

I have come up with an idea to add something special to our New Years Eve revelry. I call it “Screams & Dreams”. What I’m inviting everyone to do between now and New Years Eve is to think about those events, issues or aspects that you feel were the most destructive or greatest threat to your health, well-being and peace of mind in 2012. Write them down (as many as you like) on a piece of paper and categorize them as either “personal” or…


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Since You Brought Up Compassion...

How compassionate is it

  • to offer a lower college tuition to the children of illegal immigrants than children of tax-paying citizens are forced to pay?
  • to burden a struggling middle-class with the cost of providing “free” healthcare and education to the children of illegal immigrants?
  • to subject the citizens of southern border states to kidnap & extortion?
  • to saddle our children with debt they will never be able to repay (generational…

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The Sunday Morning Tune-up, August 12th 2012 Edition

I woke up this morning…yes, I am going to start with a little bit of the blues today. I woke up this morning to a cold splash of reality from Ann Barnhardt (Extreme Language Warning).

Ann posted an email she had received to underscore the darker reality of the world we are living in. It was a splash made colder for me because the sender of the toxic slime hails from the same town I live in…Warwick, NY. …:-(


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America in the Crossroads, 2012 Election Cycle


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Are You a Social or a Fiscal Conservative?

Talk about a one-two punch wake-up call to the Republican Establishment yesterday Nan Hayworth…that would be you dear! Ted Cruz & Chick-fil-A, so perfect together! Here, let me see if I can distill the essence of yesterday so that even the hard-of-hearing establishment ears will have no trouble…if that is even possible:

Americans Respond to Courage and Truth, because America…


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The City of Man

It has become so crystal clear to me now. We are in the heat of our folly…driven by folly, led by folly and ultimately…


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When the Power of Self-Reliance Meets the Poison of Self-Interest!

What About Freedom? (Play after reading!)

There are two trains on the same set of tracks running at full steam. One is the Engine of Self-Reliance heading North, and the other is the Engine of Self-Interest heading South. They are diametrically opposed where the fate of America is concerned and, unless a miracle occurs, we will all perish in the most apocalyptic…


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The Sunday Morning Tune-up, New Years Day 2012 Edition!

Good morning dear friend. Let me be among the first to welcome you to the New Year! We rang in the New Year (sort of) with Popa Chubby at the Turning Point in Piermont last night. (I say sort of, because we went to the 7:30 “old geezer” show.) Chubby’s a local Blues player who puts on quite the show. I won’t give you the exact quote here, but he captured unanimously universal sentiment in condemning 2011 as if it were a mass murderer…and then proceeded to musically execute it in Chubby…


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America's Braveheart Moment!

This is it…Life imitates Art at the Crossroads of our Generation and the Doorstep of 2012!

King Edward Longshanks is played by Obama

Lochlan & Cheltham are played by Reid & Pelosi

Mornay & the Scottish Nobles are played by Boehner & the Republican Establishment.

Together, they form what we in the Tea Party refer to as The Ruling Class!



Added by Chip Murray on December 31, 2011 at 6:50am — 3 Comments

The Great Republican Con Job!

What a wonderful Christmas Present we Conservatives received from our Republican friends in Congress this Christmas! Not only did they finally accomplish something, they did it in the final hours of their 2011 Session…The House Republicans, led by Speaker Boehner, actually accomplished the impossible! THEY OUT-PERFORMED THE MEDIA AT MAKING BARACK OBAMA LOOK GOOD! Now that’s talent!

And of course that was only our stocking present! The real goodies are under the…


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"Ownership" in the Shadows of Mordor!

When a man surrenders the ownership of his deeds, the deeds of his ownership will be soon to follow. - Unknown Genius :-)

There is a pathetic shadow of a creature/former friend turned radical we had the amazing foresight to nickname after a rodent some forty odd years ago, who follows my blog with the same obsessive energy and creepiness of Gollum stalking Frodo!

In fact Gollum is the picture-perfect caricature of the…


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Again I ask. Where is George Washington?

Echo Echo...Have you seen George Washington?  George are you out there? Please say you are. Please get here quick... 

People I fear we have really bad choices coming up in the days ahead...Again, I know some people are not going to like my opinion I am about to say but this is why I love our free speech and the ability to debate. Because I don't think we are doing enough of it in our conservaive circle. I still think we are taking our leads from our favorite media personalities or…


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The King & Queen of Villainy!

The average American has yet to fathom the scope of devastation that has befallen them and their families. The average American has been successfully distracted away from the material threat posed by a national debt in excess of $14 trillion with $1.5 trillion in annual deficit spending by the super halogen focus of a State-Run Media Machine in its perpetual barrage of sensational tabloid scandals…totally immaterial to the…


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Caught up in conservative waves? I still can't find my leader for 2012. Please convince me who the right person is

Hey Big Dawgers!  I hope all is well in culture war land. So I keep doing this big dance and going around and around, going back and forth between Ron Paul, Herman Cain, Michelle Bachman, Hell throw in Sarah Palin and Chris Christie and all of the Republican candidates for President. For those that don’t really know me I have always been a republican my entire life. Recently starting say in 2004 or so I started waking up and becoming much more libertarian and I really started educating…


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Who Are You Going to Believe...Me, or Your Own Eyes?

When the government takes half your money and then tells you how to spend the other half, you are a slave! – CM 8/12/11

Ah, Political Campaign Season…like being down wind from a sewage treatment plant in August! The Season of the Witch…where North becomes South, East becomes West and a Career Politician would sell his soul to get re-elected. Of course, he would have to have one to do so…which makes it even tougher. Yes sir,…


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Tim Pawlenty for President ?



Here is the official annoucement -  I like many things about Gov. Pawlenty


Watch it and tell me what you think ...

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