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Society of Blame

We live in a Society of Blame; the Republicans, the Tea Party, the evil rich, and the evil corporations. Corporations provide jobs for Americans, and yes, the CEO’s make an insane amount of money. Why no crying over the outrageous amounts of money brought in by the Hollywood elite and athletes? Class warfare from our government and liberal elite? It’s not any certain party’s fault, they’re all to blame for being fiscally irresponsible, and not using common sense! Instead of making…


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Greatest Nation on Earth

We live in the greatest nation on Earth. American children grow up knowing that they can be anything they want to be, go anywhere and do anything. Be the best you can be, no matter what you do. Land of the free, home of the brave. What makes us so different? We are a Republic, we have a capitalist society. Capitalism isn't evil, it's part of the American Dream. Invent, design, produce and sell. American business owners, small or large, provide jobs, services and products that we need or…


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Cocoon of Safety

It is a common goal for human beings to feel safe. The goal of wives and mothers is to provide a safe haven from the world’s problems for their loved ones. Most of the time Americans feel safe in their own area, whether it be inside their homes, on their land, in their towns or counties.

It’s hard to imagine that outside our scope of safety there are people within organizations plotting to end our way of life (history repeating itself). Some people are apathetic while others just refuse to… Continue

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Patriots are We the People

Not to be preaching to the choir, but to be informing visitors who might not know....

On February 27th, 2010 our family traveled 120 miles to Sacramento, CA.  to be a part of the Tea Party’s First Anniversary Party.  One of the speakers pointed out that James Carvelle and Bill Clinton had been assigned the tasks of maligning Tea Party Patriots. We had already seen the media and our esteemed government officials call us names. American’s who didn’t agree with Obamacare, bailouts, and…


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Are We Worthy of Their Sacrifice?

We thank our Veterans, yet on this Memorial Day weekend it seems so hollow to me. Too many lives have been destroyed, disrupted, and changed forever. I have never really felt like it touched my family, yet yesterday I started thinking about my uncle, a man I never knew because he was killed in action fifteen years before I was born. He was a son, a brother, cousin and friend to many. A man missed by all who knew him. A man who was taken from his family too soon.

Americans are divided when… Continue

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