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Right Wing Extremist

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Tea Party Text

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My Liberal Heart


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An Open Letter to My Liberal Friends


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Three Reasons Conservatives Should Focus On Grassroots

Three reasons why conservatives should focus on grassroots politics


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A Name and A Face - Champ Edmunds for U.S. Senate - - Montana

A Face and A Name...…


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Occupy Unmasked and the Culture of Violence

Occupy Unmasked, as many of you know, is a film by Stephen K. Bannon and Andrew Breitbart. The first thing I have to say about the film is that it made me physically nauseous. The second is that you need to watch it. You need to understand how much the Left hates us and you need to understand that they are only concerned with tearing us down. They do NOT have a solution or an alternative to our system or beliefs. 

In the words of Alinsky, they are a movement controlled by…


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Travels with Obama

Yesterday I spent 11 hours on the road from Atlanta to DC with my good friend Obama. "What!", you might say?

For those of you familiar with my work leading up to CPAC, you will recognize the graphic below:

This is part of my Obama vs Liberty series. I have printed out a…


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MachinePolitick: Effigy #1984

With the exception of editing typographical errors, this article has been left as it was originally written for…


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Hello Big Dawg Radio Blog Audience!

*Thanks to Lisa and Andrew for adding me to their new blog. I will try to get my articles up here as well moving forward.*

I would like to take this opportunity to say hello to everyone here at Big Dawg Music Radio. I have been an artist at BDMM for a while now and really appreciate that Lisa Mei invited me to join the blog here. I have been very humbled and appreciative of Lisa's support over the last couple of…


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Operation SHAKEup

Operation SHAKEup is a grassroots campaign to shake up the statism in the GOP and restore the party to its conservative roots and base. If we just give lip service to shaking up the GOP but don't take any realistic actions to get their attention, the GOP will never take us seriously. The GOP is no longer home to the Conservative vision, values, hopes, dreams, and ideals that founded this nation and preserved our Conservative Movement. The 2012 presidential election is proof that the GOP has…


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Movie Review: Runaway Slave

This powerful documentary by Rev. C.L. Bryant is crucial viewing for those who truly want to change the plight of black Americans and bring an end to the racial divide in our country. Runaway Slave throws into stark contrast the opposing views of entitlement foisted on the black community by LBJ's Great Society against the message of self-reliance and independence building among those who want to heal the wounds of our past.

Through a series of interviews and candid conversations on…


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What is Liberatchik?

After realizing that it's nearly impossible to show conservative political art in galleries, I set about to market myself independently. It would be unfair to say no one has been willing to show my work, just very few. One of the best shows I have had was at The Apache Cafe in Atlanta, just before the 2008 election. I showed most of my early political paintings and some sculpture at that show and enjoyed discussing the…


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Off The Hook with Lisa Mei Interview Notes 1/11/13

On Friday evening at 9:30pm EST, I have a radio interview with Lisa Mei ofBig Dawg Music Mafia for their new show, Off the Hook. In preparation for the interview, I have been thinking about how I got started on this crazy road to building a conservative art movement. I am posting below the first of a short series of articles…


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Garish: Roadside Color Polaroids by Robert Jones

A man after my own heart, Robert Jones snubs his nose at the snobbery and narrow-mindedness of the art community with this beautiful and moving collection of Polaroid photographs. The "Garish" color and unsettling undercurrent of some of the photos are qualities that first attracted me to Mr. Jones' work. In his coffee table book,…


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The 2012 Missouri Rally for Common Sense: Recap

Well, it has been over a month since the Woodstock for Patriots event occurred at the Patriot Field of Dreams.  I am still amazed at how it all came together in a matter of months.  I thank the thousand-plus patriots that braved the heat to rally with their fellow conservatives.  I am also grateful for all the speakers, entertainers,…


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Calling All Patriots to Rally in Missouri for Common Sense on May 19th!

Calling all Conservative, Constitution-Loving Patriots:

Let’s get ready for November at the

Rally for Common Sense!

Click each to…


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I can't count the number of times I've been asked "Why don't you try to get with Angela McDowell, or David Webb, or Thomas Sowell, or any of the reknown Black Conservatives who can help you get a platform to get your message out?"


Well, I tried. Way back in 2009. I can admit that I probably would not have wanted to repesent me at that time either.  I was extremely brash and vulgar in delivery, because I was very angry.


Imagine, at the age of 46, finding out…


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