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Sunday Morning Tune-up, July 31 Edition

Hold me now in your own light, forget the night, it’ll be alright…embrace your destiny.

It ain’t about the watch & chain, the piper’s game, the empty flame that gives you what you need. Seems like oceans of tears I’ve been cryin’ for you to wake up from this dream - From New Earth- C Murray

Good morning everyone and welcome to Sunday Morning Tune-up! If you are just joining us, this is our second week. It may be…


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The Deaf, The Dumb & The Ruling Class-Blind!

We can all shed a tear for the man who can’t hear,

or a helping hand for the weak & those who can’t speak.

But God help those with the eyes to see,

who chose instead…to bury their heads…while evil makes it’s way!

Alas, it’s hard to fathom a least-deserving kind…

Than the deaf, the dumb & Ruling Class-blind! – CM

By the time you read these words, the last act of the political version of The Sting…


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The Dalai Lama, NEA & The Dharma Thieves!

On the brisk morning of April 22, 2008, I gathered with a few dozen Buddhist monks & nuns from the Kadampa Meditation Center of New York on the grounds of Colgate University to protest the Dalai Lama who had come to speak to an audience of about 5,000 people. Yes, you read that passage correctly.

At that time, I had been a student of the Kadampa Foundation Program for about a year, attending regular classes at their magnificent temple in Glen Spey, just above Port Jervis…


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Government Schools as Propaganda Mills

By Doug Patton,

It is no secret that government schools across the United States have become indoctrination centers for the spreading of a social gospel that is anathema to the values of the majority of American parents. Public education is largely run by union bosses and liberal school boards protecting incompetent educrats who push an agenda that has nothing to do with teaching children how to think and everything to do with teaching them what to think. Hitler, Stalin and Mao would be…


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The Sunday Tune-up, July 24th Edition

Love is a shadow, when you’re too scared to fight…If you want her to love you, turn into the light. - from “Guilty”-CMurray

TRUTH- We are living in a world of lies and shadows. While we have seen these times before, the shepherds’ staff that has guided us to the light in the past now leads us further astray because the clergy are now among the indoctrinated…or worse!

 One year ago, I bathed in the Jordan, swam in the Sea of Galilee…


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The Crying World

They are weeping in Norway, burying their children and putting broken bodies back together again in the very same place, by the very same people who chose to honor a new President on the other side of the world with their Nobel Peace Prize…for great speeches I guess. They didn’t know much about this President then, how could they? The truth is that we didn’t know much about this President then, but we have since learned…the hard way!

Today the world is drowning in tears and red ink,…


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Compromise = Betrayal = PINK SLIP!

C = Caving in to


O = Out of control


M = Mismanagement of the


P = Public Trust! Abdication of


R = Responsibility! Violation of your


O = Oath! Breach of


M = Moral


I = Integrity!


S = Surrender…


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Hold the Line on Cut, Cap & Balance!!

Well now if I were the president of this land…

You know I’d declare total war on the pusher man.

I’d cut him if he stands, and I’d shoot him if he run,

And I’d kill him with my bible, and my razor and my gun….

GOD DAMN! The pusher- Steppenwolf

I hate to overplay an already overplayed analogy, but there really is no difference between this Federal Government and a junkie who desperately needs to score! They would…


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Tuning in to the Divine Intervention!

I would like to dedicate my writing this morning to a dear friend who has inspired me more than he knows. Besides being the primary model who metaphorically sat for the lyrical portrait in my song Honor, he has taught me how to stand in the face of adversity and life’s greatest challenges in the most noble and effective way possible…by example!

He is the exact physical manifestation of the Edward Young quote; Affliction is the good man’s shining time.



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Laura Fotusky & The Tipping Point!

I am amazed by the number of people I have known for many years who share many of my same values; love and pride of country, traditional family values, etc. who don’t know who Andrew Breitbart is…or what operation “Fast & Furious” is…In other words, they do not know what is really going on in this country. They have lived their “live & let live” lives, keeping their heads down and perfectly willing to accept the go-with-the-flow easiness of the “Main Stream” News feed…nothing to look…


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Ruling Class Extortion & The Great American Intervention!

The American People are being played by the very best grifters to ever play the con…The Big Government Ruling Class! There is absolutely no difference between the Democratic Establishment and the Republican Establishment in America today! They are both addicted to Power, and their addiction has created a $14 Trillion monster that can no longer be managed.

If you have ever had the unfortunate experience of living with an alcoholic, or fighting the disease yourself, you know the power…


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TThe Darkness of Liberalism is the Absence of the Light of Conservatism!

Darkness does NOT exist; it is simply the absence of light. Liberalism only exists in the minds of those who wish it so, and in the absence of Conservatism…which, unlike the illusion of Liberalism, holds true in the light of Natural Law! While darkness creates blindness, Liberalism requires blindness. In either case, both lead to the same wall of pain.

The essence of our great National debate on the debt ceiling is the very vortex of the clash of those clinging to their dark…


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The "Independence Day" Miracle!

The voice of God is in the gap between our thoughts. The purpose of meditation is to widen the gap.”- Deepak Chopra

There is so much “noise” in our world today that it is almost laughable to imagine ourselves finding any freedom at all from the greatest noise of all…our inner thought “chatter”! The outer stresses of the world we live in conspire to produce an almost frantically exhaustive inner dialogue…that takes a devastating toll on us spiritually, moving us further from…


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