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This Vets Letter to the President

Mr. Obama, you are a president and not a king. We the American people did not elect you to further divide and segregate this great nation. You are supposed to represent the Rule of Law, our Constitution, and all segments of the American People (not just the half now dependent on you for food stamps and welfare because of your failed policies and programs). Your reelection did not give you a mandate to further big government, higher taxes, increased spending, run-away deficits, and…


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Operation SHAKEup

Operation SHAKEup is a grassroots campaign to shake up the statism in the GOP and restore the party to its conservative roots and base. If we just give lip service to shaking up the GOP but don't take any realistic actions to get their attention, the GOP will never take us seriously. The GOP is no longer home to the Conservative vision, values, hopes, dreams, and ideals that founded this nation and preserved our Conservative Movement. The 2012 presidential election is proof that the GOP has…


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The Faint Roar of America’s Old Bulldogs

My fellow patriots, friends, and countrymen – America is in deep political and spiritual crisis. We the People feel her pain, turmoil, and anguish for we are America. Our grand and glorious Republic has reached a crucial and pivotal fork in our destiny that demands our gravest attention and councils. On our right is a bright path that celebrates a culture and heritage of life and liberty for all Americans, but on our left is a dark path that celebrates a new culture of death and violence.…


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Christians Must Get Out and Vote

I see many Christians that are confused over whether or not we have a spiritual and social responsibility to vote. Why would we not? God gave us our rights, responsibilities, and freedoms in this country; and God's People have a duty and obligation to God to be salt and light in our society. Judeo-Christian values and morality were embedded and enshrined in our Constitution, but we are not a theocracy.…


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The Onslaught of Another Dog and Pony Show

Once again must We the American People stomach the onslaught of another dog and pony show chocked full of lies, half-truths, misinformation, and socialist propaganda from our political candidates and their parties. The lies are extra thick this campaign season, but they have to be thick to cover the failed record and policies of this administration. Are we really better off than we…

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It's Time to Get Off This Roller Coaster


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America in the Crossroads, 2012 Election Cycle


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