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Is This Asking Too Much???

 PUTTIN MY TOOTS SENSE IN…  is this asking too much??? We all know, the men and women who serve in the United States Military do it for the Love of Country not for the LOVE of money…  We also know  they make practically nothing, and risk practically everything,  coming home by the thousands, missing limbs, in need of mental care and all sorts of surgeries… and the government that put our BRAVE men and woman in harms way,  SAYS… they can't  seem to figure out how to pay for all their needs……


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PUTTIN MY TOOTS SENSE IN... i think we have to look to history for the answers on this election.... and that independent splitting the vote, boat definitely don't float!! cause in 1992 we saw that ship go down slow and ugly!!! this is more like 1980 when the presidential debates were the deciding factor!!! liberalism must be exposed to the world accurately and articulately for the pure evil it is , or we are done!!! and el presidente is the…

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING to every one here on BIGDAWG!!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING.. to all my family and friends!!! lets try and remember what we got and how many people sacrificed so much for us to have it!! i for one try not to EVER take for granted the freedoms we've ben given, and this Thanksgiving is the perfect setting to take a step back and remember all the GREAT things in life WE as AMERICANS have to be thankful for!!!


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PUTTIN MY TOOTS' SENSE IN... I'm so sick of the liberal marxists occupying everything that aint theirs... attacking the rich, BUT only the businessmen that actually provide jobs.. as opposed to the liberal entertainers who have their own personal slaves catering to their every sleazy desire, claiming they care for the poor as the fly around the world in private jets and live in secluded fenced in societies for the obnoxious!!! i say we…

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LIBERALISM must progress (PROGRESSIVES) like a cancer changing it's form to fool it's unknowing and unwilling host. Since the turn of the century, liberalism has crept up on it's unknowing victims in all sorts of different ways, but each ending was always the same--UGLY--leading to the deaths of hundreds of millions of lives!!!!! Lets look back in history shall we?

In France 30 years ago, the French people said, "This is France, and it will never happen here." Today, France is being…


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hey el presidente, IT"S YOUR FAULT!!!

el presidente, says Americas AAA rating went down because of partisan bickering , in the 1990's our Government actually shut down because of partisan bickering, and we didn't lose our AAA rating!!! this is your mess el presidente, not the tea party's or Bush's or the Japanese or the Europeans or THE BOOGIE MANS ... it's your INCOMPETENCE and failed policies that are destroying America!!!.with all do respect, you take your FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION and stick it up your… Continue

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