I don't know if you guys knew this but I am a high School hockey coach as well as a patriot musician parked here at Big Dawg. I played college hockey at Merrimack College which is a division one program in hockey east. I played against now current Bruins goalie Tim Thomas when he was at the University of Vermont. He was good then and he brought the Boston Bruins a Stanley cup literally on his shoulders this past season. What I did not know about Tim who is a very humble type of guy, is that he is a patriot like us! His courage to be the only person on his team who refused to go to the white house sends an amazing amount of messages to both me and other patriots.

1. Have courage. Don't be afraid to take a stand and say what you believe in.

2. Don't be a bystander. Even if you are alone in your stand. make your stand because you may never get the chance to do so again.

3. He put his job and even relationships with his teamates at jeopardy being the only team member to make this stand.

4. He brought the critical issue of Individual Freedom and liberty to the forefront where now average sports fans who are in a deep sleep about what is going on may just by a miracle start waking up about this most important issue.

Thank you Tim. Your statement on facebook also says volumes. You are right,It is not about Party because both parties got us here. It is about our individual freedoms and liberties that are at stake.

This is more important then who can beat Obama. If we do not STOP dead this slow motion rolling tide of Tyranny(100 years and counting) Then there will be no going back. We must make this the central issue of this election. Yes even over Iran. It is the enemy within. If we do not stop the attack on our liberties now we will look more like Nazi Germany than the America we love. Does the TSA stopping of Rand Paul not tell you anything? This is a known US Senator. He refused the body scan as is his constitutional right and was detained so long that he did not make his flight. They know he is not a terrorist. But this is not about looking for terrorists. This is about conditioning the american people even senators to accept that we have "Checkpoints and Papers Please" Say those words now with a german accent and it is suddenly more scary and real isn't it? People please wake up! Our Liberties are severely at stake and meanwhile at the Kabuki Theater we are focusing on Mitt's Tax returns. I watched the whole debate. I understant why people like Newt. he is infectious. he is well spoken. he looks and talks like your grand daddy. You want to trust him based on his words and how he delivers them. However my mom always told me Action is Gold and words just get old. Judge everyone on their actions. They never lie.  You may think this is just another election and it isn't as bad as people are making it out to be. But ask yourself if you could ever remember a time when you were a kid and Ronny Reagan was in office where a US Senator was detained on US Soil and questioned? It never happened folks. But this is how conditioning works. This is the very thing Prophet and Forefather Ben Franklin warned us on. Never trade your freedom for safety because it gives you neither freedom or safety.

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Comment by Chris Ross on January 30, 2012 at 11:50am

Chip, Once again I slightly disagree with you man. I still love and respect you and your opinions  and think you are the most brilliant writer on this site. That being said I think sadly the Tea Party is being tremendously  misled by the classic Kabuki theater that is going on. Also, even more sadly I am seeing people like Sarah Palin showing herself not to be a rogue but now part of the establishment. What people are missing here is that the establishment with the help of the Kabuki theater going on want either Romney or Ginghrich. Both have ties to either Council on foreign relations or Tri Lateral commision. If Sarah was truly still rogue as I think she once was she would be really trying to defend and push Santorum or even Ron Paul. I know she wouldnt push Paul because of his foreign Policy and I appreciate the fact that she has come out and said don't dismiss Ron Paul because he is right on the economy. but lost in all the Kaubuki theater is that Santorum and Paul are almost completely ignored by the republican establishment which includes the media like Fox News. I don't think that is by accident. I think that yes there is a brother-cousin fight going on between Newt and Mitt but at the end of the day everyone in the family will be happy that one of them is elected and meanwhile all the attention on this takes attention away from Santorum and Paul. The prrof is that because the media is ignoring them and that is exactly who the establishment fears the most even though they would tell you that the establishment is Romney. The goal really is to make sure that either Santorum or Paul don't get the nomination. Look up Newt's record. Look up that even though now he is stumping as a reagan conservative he was never really a reagan conservative. He has always been big government. He is a brilliant debator and an even more brilliant deceptor. Just like we were begging people to look at Obama's character. Please everyone look at Newts character. The truth has no agenda. The fact of the matter is at the end of the day he was brought up on ethics charges. He is on wife # 3. He has stumped for Global warming with Nancy Pelosi. He has believed in individual health mandates. he is soft on immigration and the border. There is a theme with what the establishment wants people and it is not a conspiracy anymore. They want a global government. with Global Taxes with things like Agenda 21 helping set the table. Newt or Mitt take your pick they are both darlings for the establishments no matter how they try to turn your opinion during this brilliant display of Kaubuki theater

Comment by Chip Murray on January 30, 2012 at 6:00am

Chris...thanks for putting Tim in the light for us...what a huge display of courage indeed! BTW, I spoke to my 86 year old Mother and Step Dad last night (They're in Daytona, FL) It seems Romney has them...But again, I ask myself "How can anything so desired by the Establishment be good for US?" How in the world would the one patriot we trust above most all others (Palin) throw her support behind someone undeserving of that support?

Comment by Chris Ross on January 24, 2012 at 2:53pm

Thanks Michael!!!!


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