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Here is a section article that appeared this week.  Big Dawg Music Mafia is doing a great job utilizing the new media as evidenced by the numerous interviews over the last couple weeks!

Exploring the New Media

Internet Grassroot Conservative Radio

First, let us dispense with the really "important" presidential news up front. The president picked himself to win the NCAA basketball tournament!
No, he did not pick one single underdog team to win, only the top number one seeds.  Could it be he wants to be seen as more powerful in light of his apparent weaknesses? He, who determines who wins and who loses in health care, surely could have gone for at least one underling! We guess being "champion of the little guy" is no longer important for this Democrat "leader," something else that has "changed" since the polls no longer count him as idol of the century!

While the Mideast goes up in flames and chaos, and the multiple disasters in Japan dominate the news cycles, America, under the Obama administration, itself is wounded, and is going backwards. This week the news for this country is nothing to crow about. Economically, our woes continue, on foreign policy, leadership is missing in action, and perplexing to the entire world. Politically, the GOP leadership is using an obsolete playbook, stained by the tears of inappropriate emotions, like fear and worry, and the liberals have resumed their march towards madness and "all-in" fiscal irresponsibility. The ultra hard left is not happy that their radical agenda was not fully completed, and the conservatives that sent new blood to Washington with the rather simple message to say "NO" are not happy either. Maybe George Soros is the real happy chap being that his guy will be able to see his Brazil drilling operations up close and personal, in between golf rounds, of course. Who knows?

We learned that the cost of living in America hit an all-time high last month, food prices have shot up dramatically, and we are watching gasoline prices go through the roof again, which drives up the cost of everything. Indicators like new housing starts, and private sector jobs created, show us there is no real recovery taking place. Even Hillary is getting tired of the inability of the amateur in the White House to make any tough decisions. As usual, our media is underestimating the messes an incompetent president is creating, and overemphasizing the problems of others. Distraction journalism. Despite a failed business plan of always supporting a liberal agenda that most Americans neither want, nor agree with, and their continued loss of audience for their efforts, the bias goes on. The good news is, the people have developed new habits for getting their information, and are less dependent on the traditional media sources who have increasingly become even less trusted, a condition created by their own hand. This week we learned that now more people are getting their news via the internet than by newspapers.

ROC has been exploring some of the new media sources available to the conservative movement.  This week we decided to check out the new and emerging network of grassroot internet radio programs that are arising in relative freedom.  The government bureaucracies, like the FCC, have not yet hamstrung this newer venue with burdensome rules and regulations, and as a result, we are getting some excellent & creative amateur talent hosting radio shows all over the country. The quality of the shows we listened to were surprisingly good. Most have a format that allows for more local reporting of events and activities as well as commentary on the national news stories. This is an excellent communication tool that is helpful to patriots to gauge the pulse or points of view in other parts of the country, and also learn of upcoming local events. In addition, it is a good way to get the word out about your own organization, which the regular media would either ignore, or charge you mega bucks to promote to others.

We listened to Honest Conservative's show, on "Blogtalk Radio," called "NiteCap on Freedom Radio." Quality stuff, and well done! Brian Darling from Heritage and Human Events was on, as well as Congressman Allen West, and Tim Summers (9-11 Families for America) discussing many subjects from the congressional budget fight, to the national security hearings on home grown terrorists. Rep. West even got Brigitte Gabriel (from ACT for America) to come to the phone and say "Hi" during the show (they were calling from a Florida rally they both were attending!)
We also went and checked out OK for TEA (Oklahoma) on Liberty Bell Radio, to hear Lisa Mei and Joe Dan Gorman from Big Dawg Music Mafia call in about their efforts. Another show, Coffee Talk with Liz Litterello, was fun, she is a real hoot, while still very informative, you may want to tune in or watch her taped videos of show! Of course the kids of the A-TeamYouth are going strong with their own radio broadcast and doing interviews on other shows too.


We would recommend to our readers that you find out who is doing these shows in your area too, and add them to sites you visit often, many have "chat along" features, and calling them, and getting on air is a lot easier than regular talk radio! Our creative authors and movie-making friends also have unique opportunities through this medium to help spread the word about their own work through interviews. The hosts are always looking for interesting guests that have something to offer the conservative audiences!

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Comment by Andrew Luck on March 20, 2011 at 11:13am

Thanks David for the info. Please note the BlogTalk Radio Show I will be on today hosted by Canada Free Press writer Kelly O'Connell.



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