America in the Crossroads, 2012 Election Cycle

America is facing possibly the most serious crossroads of her existence in the past 100 years — and don't let anyone foolishly convince you otherwise. Kicking the can down the road and passing extraordinary deficits, reckless spending, and unsustainable entitlements to our children and grandchildren will only collapse our entire system and American dream for one and all. Is America honestly ready to give up her inalienable freedoms and hard-fought independence to become yet another failed socialist satellite of the U.N. and Europe? Do we really want to join their disordered and failed ranks? Have the American people lost their backbone and courage to defend their freedoms and sacred traditions? When love of God, Family & Country are openly mocked, attacked, and reviled by pop culture, while socialism and fascism are wrapped in our flag and ballyhooed as the only new hope for America's future, AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM.

While some few raise their voices in passion and alarm to help stem the tide of America's fall and decline, the spineless Wards of the State yet persecute and ridicule the Wards of Freedom that ring Liberty's bell — and by sheer force of numbers do these Wards of the State elect the basest rogues, scoundrels, vagabonds, cutthroats, vermin, miscreants, rascals, scalawags, blackguards, crooks, and hellions to run our federal government. They have traded their freedoms and dignity for heavy chains and meager handouts at the public trough not knowing that the trough is rancid to the core, and each year do their chains get shorter and more cumbersome. They claim we are all the same, yet their elitist masters are obviously more equal than others. Why else do they pass so many laws on the rest of us that they exempt themselves from? Their masters herd us like animals and deign us with measly scraps from their tables for faithful and loyal service (as long as we don't mess with the chains they use to bind us).
In 89 days do we face possibly the most critical election of this past century, and yet many simply don't seem to care. They are "happy" with their statism, and status quo, and they will viciously attack anyone that tries to bring honest and real change to Washington. With so much at stake, the very survival of this nation and our heritage, how do we reach out to these Wards of the State and enlist their aid in turning our country back around before we fall off that big ol' precipice looming right there in front of us? Its time to take off the blinders, stand up, and let our voices be heard before the America that we all knew and grew up in is gone for good. Food for thought, America.
Jim Robinson

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