Attention Musicians and Singers Here at BigDawgMusicMafia.Com

If you are a musician or singer who makes recordings, I’d like to tell you how BigDawg Music Radio is here to help you.
You've already taken the first step which is to become a member of BigDawgMusicMafia.Com which is free to join.

(But you already knew that.)

You now have your own page here where you can display your music, pictures, links to your own website, whatever you think of that can expose and promote your work.


Now you need to email your mp3s to

We can then put your songs into the radio playlist and they can be played at various times and during some of our shows.

When your song is played the name of the song and artist is displayed on the radio page.

If a listener wants to know more about the artist that they are hearing, they can enter the artist name in the search bar on the radio page and it will take them to the artists BigDawg page.

All of this is designed to help promote artists who have a conservative or libertarian philosophy and show the culture that there are a lot of talented artists who believe in traditional values.

In fact we are probably in the majority, but the main stream media would have folks think otherwise.

What do we get out of this? The pleasure of knowing we are making a positive influence on our culture.

We don’t make money off of you.

If we can help you make money that’s cool, but our mission is to help give exposure to conservative and libertarian artists.

So update your pages, upload pictures, and let folks know about your events. 

In other words use us as a tool to get your message out.

BigDawg Music Mafia is the home for conservative arts.


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Comment by Austin St. KLoud on January 28, 2013 at 12:01am

Thanks Tom for the Post... I am still trying to look at everything on this website! It has SOOO many musicians and artist. I hope and pray I can bring something a little different to this great cast of musicians! Have a blessed week my friend- Austin

Comment by Tom Balistreri on November 29, 2012 at 8:12pm

Send us your mp3s.(send to: )

We love your music. Let others hear your songs on our radio station.

Listen to the station here:

Comment by Lisa Mei Norton on September 23, 2012 at 12:49pm

Thanks for posting this Tom...and for the radio promo about this...and for ALL that you do...your music, your humor...your skits...your hard work as a DJ...but mostly for your friendship! 


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