BigDawg Culture Warriors Salute the “King of the Mountain” Andrew Breitbart

BigDawg Culture Warriors Salute the “King of the Mountain”

“Our culture is the most important front. And the three most important pillars of that culture are Hollywood and pop culture, along with education and the media. Those three are absolutely controlled by the left.” ~Andrew Breitbart

If we had to pick one person who inspired us the most on our mission at  BigDawg Music Mafia, it would be Andrew Breitbart, who was undeniably the Ultimate Culture Warrior of our time and whose legacy will continue on through all of us.

Legacy of a Culture Warrior by Toots Sweet

I only knew Andrew Breitbart through my brief encounters with him over the past few years at several conservative events, yet my reaction to his passing was one of deep sorrow.  I took the day off from work the day after his sudden passing and cried off and on pretty much the whole weekend as if I had lost my best friend.  I did not understand this reaction but knew I was not alone. Diane Student, Host of theFreedom's Wings Show, who had a similar reaction, had this to say in her tribute:

Why did the death of this man cause me to feel completely devastated?  I think there are a number of answers to that question.  First and foremost, Breitbart was the Tea Party and conservative movements’ Rock Star, for lack of a better term.  He was larger than life to most of us and a mentor guiding us in the way to use the New Media to defeat the lies of the Mainstream Media and the Left.  He also was what Rush Limbaugh called him, our “bulldog.”  He was fearless getting in the face of Occupiers, the Press, and the Left.  He never walked with protection even though many people more than likely wished him dead.  He always checked his facts and his websites became a safe place to go for truth.  I learned from his integrity and keep that in mind as I blog and broadcast.  Andrew was a man full of energy that could capture the attention of the entire room and it seems that most everyone genuinely liked the guy except his most staunch “enemies.”  He was larger than life.

And yet, he was a man not caught up in his own celebrity.  Unlike some of the people who are famous within the conservative circles that speak at events, sign a couple books, and smile for a few pictures, Andrew treated everybody equally.

I can personally attest to that.

I met Andrew for the first time at the National TEA Party Convention in Nashville, in 2010 and was so impressed and inspired by his fiery passion when he spoke to the audience and the way he looked straight at the media crews in the back of the room and spoke directly to them, calling them out for the way they misrepresent the truth when they try to paint the TEA Party as a racist, extremist, astro-turf group.  I ran into Andrew at the convention, thanked him for his work, and snapped a photo with him.  Since then I’d seen him at many events I’d attended and in spite of his being constantly swarmed by adoring fans, friends, and the press, he always took a moment to say hello to me with that friendly, genuine, infectious smile of his.  I count myself blessed to have been able to share those brief exchanges with one of America's greatest heroes.  He was a class act.

Artist Scott Wilke, who created the fabulous portrait of Andrew below a little more than a month before he died, said he wanted to portray Mr. Breitbart with dignity and class because that is  how he always saw him. Andrew loved this portrait, used it as his avatar on FaceBook, and had offered to purchase it. He never got that opportunity.

"Andrew's Acorn" by Scott Wilke

Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Co-Founder of BigDawg Music Mafia "BigDawg" Andrew, who now owns Scott's great portrait, said "This will hang in Mr. Breitbart's office one day.  We will make sure of that..." and posted a tribute at our site the afternoon of Mr. Breitbart's funeral in which he said:

"King of the Mountain" by Midnight Oil was one of  Andrew Breitbart's favorite songs.  He was always burning the midnight oil.  He was the undisputed “King of the Mountain.”

He was a true conservative bulldog who never backed down from a fight, never ran from enemy fire, ran towards every battle, and was always on the front lines leading the way.  He spoke passionately from the depths of his soul and never wavered. Whether you agreed with him or disagreed with him, you always knew where he stood.  Andrew was a true Culture Warrior and TEA Party Hero.

Thank you Andrew, for all you have taught us…we will not miss a beat…we will keep marching on in your honor.  We will miss you, brother.

It was during CPAC 2011, when John Nolte, Editor-in-Chief, BigHollywood, with whom I was a panelist on a "Getting Started in Hollywood" discussion, invited me to join the BigHollywood team as a contributor so that I could share our mission and the great work of our culture warriors at our site.  We are eternally grateful to both Andrew and John for being among the very few conservative leaders to offer us a platform with a large megaphone to regularly showcase the artists at our site and encourage fellow patriots to use their God-given talents to help spread the message of freedom.  Andrew knew how crucial it is that we engage in the fight for our country on the culture battle front.  He loved the fact that we are unapologetically conservative and wear the label proudly when showcasing the artists at our site and gave us his personal seal of approval just a few weeks before he was taken from  us.

Lisa Mei Norton interviews Andrew Breitbart at CPAC 2012

Radio show host and blogger Candi Goldman, and I were conducting live streaming video interviews at CPAC 2012 and were honored to have had an opportunity to interview Mr. Breitbart on the show for a few minutes.  He told us we were doing exactly what we should be doing, was happy to know there are some of us who truly "get it", and encouraged us to keep up the great work.

We were all deeply shaken by his sudden departure and as singer/songwriter and TEA Party performer 

Anne Marie Harpen, asks in her video tribute, where (are) we gonna go  from here?

Tribute to Andrew Breitbart: "Where We Gonna Go From Here" by Anne ...

Singer/Songwriter/Blogger Chip Murray answers that question perfectly in his tribute piece in which he said:

Think of Andrew Breitbart as the modern-day William Wallace. What Tyranny thought it had tortured and destroyed by executing William Wallace only grew stronger in the hearts and minds of his fellow Scottish Patriots as Robert the Bruce invoked the spirit of Wallace and rallied his troops to ultimate victory at Bannockburn! It’s absolutely no different today…

He is right.  We absolutely cannot afford to be complacent.  The America our Founders had envisioned will be gone forever if we don’t ALL get engaged in the fight. 

Our prayers continue to go out to Andrew’s wife Susie, his four children, his immediate family, and his friends and colleagues at

Rest in peace, Andrew.  We've got the "con" now.


Lisa Mei Norton, BigDawg Andrew,and BigDawgers 

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Comment by Lisa Mei Norton on April 4, 2012 at 9:17pm

Thanks, Anne Marie...I big as he became in the TEA Party movement...he treated everyone the same...I loved that...

Comment by Anne Marie Harpen on April 4, 2012 at 8:32pm

This is so good. Andrew gave many people like me the courage and the reason to continue. When I first met him I told him he was the most courageous man I had ever met. He acted almost a little embarrassed. He was so humble and so powerful at the same time.

Comment by Lisa Mei Norton on April 4, 2012 at 6:51pm

Thanks, Diane...his absence is definitely felt far and wide....


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