I can't count the number of times I've been asked "Why don't you try to get with Angela McDowell, or David Webb, or Thomas Sowell, or any of the reknown Black Conservatives who can help you get a platform to get your message out?"


Well, I tried. Way back in 2009. I can admit that I probably would not have wanted to repesent me at that time either.  I was extremely brash and vulgar in delivery, because I was very angry.


Imagine, at the age of 46, finding out that every thing you've been led to believe about your "government", political party, education and religion has been one, big, fat, concentrated, manipulating, evilly concerted, intentional LIE!!  Yeah, I was pretty angry back then.


However, I still must come to the realization that even within Black Conservatism there is still "them" and "us".  Yes, we're all "Black", and we have some of the same core beliefs; but there is still that daggone classism that mucks things up.  You still have to have "that look". You still have to "talk this way".  You still have to be willing to be controlled, or no one in the media will interview you.


I'm not that guy. I've never blended in. I've never been a conformer (even when I was in the Army 9.5 yrs), and I've never been one in the crowd.  The bible does say that broad is the path that leads to destruction, and many are upon it.  I'd rather stay who I am, be true to myself, and be able to look in the mirror with pride.  Today, I might be more tactful in conveying my thoughts, but I will always be me.


While my anger has been constructively directed towards authoring two books; and while I still may be heavy tongued and don't enunciate properly; and while I still look like a scruffy, disheveled, bedraggled, insane bum, you can't diminish the fire in my heart to fight for what is right. And that is for freedom, and restoration of our Creator endowed rights, and to get rid of the tyrannical, abusive foreign corporation in drag as the "federal government".

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