I am absolutely disgusted (NO LIVID) that not ONE of these spineless candidates has “weighed in” on the results of Sheriff Arpaio’s Obama investigation. No mention of Breitbart’s tapes either. Meanwhile Robomney is being sold by Fox and everyone else as the "front-runner" and yet if the ACTUAL conservative vote were not SPLIT he would have LOST in every state. They cry "Jobs!, Jobs!, Jobs!" and “It’s the economy!” just like they did defending the traitor Clinton who sold out all of our technology and military secrets to China. Divide and conquer is the tactic of the establishment once again. Split the TRUE BASE so that they can coast their phony tool on through. They are obviously more concerned with getting the liberal vote in the general election than in espousing any REAL values. Is there even a possibility of an untainted legitimate election anyway ? I’m really not so sure. If we’re going to be sold down the river and end up with an imaginary choice between a “moderate” liberal RINO or Obama.. We might as well just do the job right and screw the country up sooner instead of selling it out to a slow death. The REAL CONSERVATIVE party is once again being disenfranchised by design. Both parties sold us down the river long ago… they then ALL foisted Obama-care on us after allowing an un-vetted candidate to run in the first place. Can ANY of them really be trusted? REALLY ???? Just because I believe that Ron Paul is right about the FED and about the forceful globalist push it does NOT mean that I would feel comfortable with him as president... But everyone else sucks too... I feel like I have been forced into a Lose/Lose situation... there is no good scenario that I can see...

On top of ALL OF THIS Obama should NOT even be allowed on the 2012 ballot until the glaring legal problems with his "highly probable" FORGERIES are properly resolved... But not a peep from any of these pukes... Excuse me while I HURL...



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