Forget Yellow Submarine…We All Live in a Bucket of Deep-Fried Alinsky!

“Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history… the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.” ~ Saul Alinsky’s dedication to the Prince of Darkness in Rules for Radicals

We have a Marxist who has successfully taken the White House and is implementing his radical agenda as a direct result of the training and mentoring he received by Saul Alinsky, author of the famous Rules for Radicals…thanks largely to the former Cardinal Archbishop of Chicago, Joseph Bernardin…who as it turns out, was the Satan-worshiping Marxist in priest’s robes who led young Obama by the hand, to the feet of Alinsky…and, as it turns out, his own kingdom. Not exactly a bed-time story is it?

Have you ever been Alinskyed? I have…on multiple occasions. Chances are that you have as well, if you dared to voice a conservative opinion in the public square. You didn’t realize that your Constitutional rights weren’t absolute did you? You were not aware that you couldn’t speak as a Christian in a crowded theater now did you? We live and learn…as they say.

Here are three separate character profiles that are pretty emblematic of the Radical Left. Coreen is divorced mother of two, real life witch (Wiccan) who works as a receptionist for a local chiropractor. She keeps her religion quiet…for some reason. Aileen is a divorced mother of three, collecting two union pensions, who refers to herself as a “member of the clergy” after having attended some new-age spiritual retreats. Jim is an editor of a local newspaper who I happened to grow up with.

Now on the surface all three individuals are engaging people who you would most like experience as nice sociable people…people you might like to know better. I did…until I did! You see, once you manifest a Christian value or belief in any way, be it your stated belief or practice…you become the enemy. And if you dare to question the radical policies and agenda of anyone who happens to be black, Muslim or gay…then you become the racist and bigoted enemy. Don’t think for a second that Reps. Maxine Waters, Keith Ellison and Barney Frank don’t leverage their respective color, Allah & sexual orientation to their advantages…at our very heavy expense! (And the man in the White House hides behind all three! Now ain’t that a kick in the pants?)  Trust me, they do not fight fair! They will publicly slander you and attempt to embarrass, ridicule, humiliate and vilify you…all for the express purpose and intended goal of silencing you.

The good news is that one-on-one they are cowardly jackals. The bad news is…there are lots of them! Now understand…there is Alinskyed, and then there is Deep-Fried Alinskyed. If I decide not to post political comments on FB anymore after being personally attacked for having done so, then I have been Alinskyed. (By the way, nobody on planet earth has the power to Alinsky you against your will!) What we are witnessing with the Dan Cathy (Chick-fil- A) family however, is a case of attempted Deep-Fried Alinskification! That’s where your religious conviction is such a threat that the Mayors of San Francisco, Chicago and Boston will trample the Constitution to silence you! I say “attempted” in the case of the Cathy family because they fear God and God alone!


5) Which political party do you most closely align with philosophically?
   23%  voted:  Democrat
   27%  voted:  Republican
   4%  voted:  Libertarian
   18%  voted:  Tea Party
   24%  voted:  Independent
   4%  voted:  Other

Source- Personal Liberty Digest

By the way, do you think it’s possible that the one ”party” in the chart above who happens to have been dead right about Obama, Radical Islam and the National Debt and yet trails Republican, Democrat and Independents is a reflection that the American People are on the verge of having been successfully Alinskified?

Come on out and join us tonight! Alinsky will hate you, but God will love you for it!

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