Further Proof the enemy is at the gate

People, There is no bigger evidence than what we saw today when Justice Roberts said Obamacare is a mandated Tax. Now the limits of government are endless. They will tax us for being overweight. For not going to the gym. For drinking too much soda. And who is the ends to this means? Who appointed Justice Roberts? George W Bush people. This is not just a left liberal diseaase. This is a disease that infects our entire political system. This is why I am yelling at the top of my lungs that I can't believe we let history repeat itself and put up another John McCain or GW Bush clone in Romney as our answer in defeating Obama. How many times are we going to get fooled by this false left - right paradgm they are throwing out at us? They are all serving the same masters. The only answer are people who follow the constitution to the T. And yes that includes millitary engagements. Our founders did not want us to become an empire. Yet here we are a dying empire killing ourselves from within just like Rome did. I am disgusted. Absolutely disgusted by today. All you George W fans that consider themselves republicans should be puking in your own hands right now. His very own Justice just sold the Republic into the hands of tyranny. When will you learn? When will you listen to your prophetic forefathers? The day is here now. Today will be remembered as a very big day and a very bad day in Americas history. I am so sad and sickened. Again, When will you learn?

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Comment by BigDawg Music Mafia on July 2, 2012 at 10:50pm

  I hear you  Chris  loud and clear.... I just don't understand   how folks can't see what I am seeing.

I do NOT agree with the LAW  AT ALL it is BAD for the Country and needs to be tossed out.

I'm with you 120 % there 

 I am saying what Chief Justice did was not unconstitutional    We can disagree with him all we want it will not change what happened.

   Do we really want The Chief Justice to side with other Conservative just because  we  want  the healthcare  to be unconstitutional  and tossed out....  Do we really want them to  ignoring the facts?
You know the liberal would of SLAMMED us if that happen??  Folks do things for political reason on  both sides.  Chris I stopped  defending folks long ago  just because they are on the right, I go with what I feel is right...had nothing to do with parties as you can see here .  I have been called a troll, traitor, liberal, and a lot worst by Conservative because I  DARE step out of line and think  differently than they do.

  I know this .... IF we ignored the INTENT argument  there would of been a Outcry from the left like you would not believe and another 4 more years of OBAMA for SURE and NO WAY to stop Obama Care  even if they made it unconstitutional because they would of asked for an appeal and the Supreme Court rules allow 25 days after the opinion is released during which either party may request a rehearing on grounds they left out the INTENT 

 Chief Justice did nothing wrong IMO  the Courts  can  use the intent  It was argued  in court  it was not something  Roberts  made up  and pulled out of the air. 

I admire  Rush and Levin  a lot  but  they have blinders on with this one ... Levin is  Rush's   Lawyer  nuff said there.

 Keep the faith bro all is not lost



Comment by Chris Ross on July 2, 2012 at 9:30pm

Big Dawg, I agree 100% with you about it was always a tax deal. But here is the difference. never in our history have we had a negative based tax until now. What I mean is they tax alcohol, Cigarettes but we all have the choice not to consume cigs and alcohol. but never before has the gov had the balls to tax something for not using it. Like You posted on facebook. Still a week later any lib I say this to has no answer. If the gov mandated you buy a gun for safety sake that would not be constitutional. Yes you and I believe every citizen should own and carry a gun and I do in the socialist state of MA. I actually own a smith and wesson 1911 45 and it's a damn fine gun! But still the gov cant tell me I have to purchase a gun. That is what I am p***** at Roberts about and why I love Justice Kennedy. Justice Kennedy is 100% right in his retort. the gov can't make you buy anything! and no matter what the political reasons for Roberts doing what he is oing I disagree that it is right. Congress has a right to tax healthcare like add a tax to everyones health plans which also would be disaterous but no matter what anyone says they do not have a right to levy a penalty or tax for not getting it. Not to mention the tenth ammendment protects the states rights anyway. So even though i would be and am f'd in MA. Virginia or Texas can say a giant F-U to the gov and say not in our state. Anyway man I am sick of defending people for doing things for political reaasons. The time has come for people to do the right or the wrong thing. It is very black and white. And I tell you what. I would not be surprised in the least if you see a 2nd civil war happen in our lifetime. I on't want that. I don't wish it I pray for peace every day but Liberty and Freedom is starting to get cornered like a trapped animal and pretty soon she is going to come out swinging!

Comment by BigDawg Music Mafia on July 2, 2012 at 5:27pm

I want to SCREAM too Chris ... but for different reason bro.

  This is dividing  Conservative even more at a time we need to unite, because of the misinformation  tossed around as facts. 

WE CAN NOT believe everything  talking heads are saying. The Supreme Court  must rule on the arguments presented to them I have faith in Roberts and believe he did the right thing with the hand that was dealt to him.

  Our anger should be at CONGRESS and the White House  NOT one  MAN  because he did not vote the way we wanted him to vote. 

Instead we take our anger out on  Him?  I see  far to many Conservatives  taking cheap shots at him throwing him under the bus?? FOR WHAT???

  We  might not agree with his decision however it is Constitutional.

The LAW is BAD,  THE LAW expands the powers NOT Roberts  We were deceived for-sure,however   it is not unconstitutional as it was written REMEMBER  the BS line....
 You need to pass it before you  know what is in  it?

The courts CAN read the congressional record looking for evidence of what  the  INTENT  of the lawmakers  were, when they enacted that law. The legislative INTENT would serve as a starting point for their analysis.

GENERAL VERRILLI --- argued  this  very point on March 27   the INTENT  by Congress WAS  a  TAX 


WE all knew they was lying to us .... SO it make perfect sense to me that the Court would see  it's INTENT was a TAX.

 Even when  Obama was saying it was not a TAX. 


 WHY, have we not heard the talking heads explain this to us?

THEY just rant and rant about Roberts? Why no mention of  congress INTENT?

THESE same talking heads have been calling it a TAX for YEARS ....YES??

 SUDDENLY   they say it's a FEE and Roberts is a traitor for calling it a TAX... something THEY have been calling it for YEARS?

 BAFFLES my brain!!

 WHY have they not explained  to us what would of  happened if  the Chief Justice would of  just ignored this "TAX INTENT"  argument and blew it off ---  as a FEE and tossed out the whole thing?

  This  intent argument was a  SET up by Liberals in the first place they were ready for it to be rejected they had all the attacks set in motion to pounce as soon as the verdict was read. 

Roberts pulled the  rug from under them and NO ONE saw it coming.

Obama and Liberals were  soo SURE Roberts would ignore the Constitution and Vote with Conservative  so they could Scream run away court ....instead He upheld the Constitution and gets SCOLDED for it by  some on our side? Because the BILL itself is BAD!

 DID  Our Conservative talking heads and bloggers  not read the transcript of the arguments presented to the court? They are experts and no one saw it coming when  the Court has the power to  look for the INTENT  of the law??

 My best guess is the Liberals would be having a HAY DAY with it right now If this would of been tossed out. Mr.Obama would of been WAY up in the polls.  NOW instead  we   have liberals praising this patting themselves on the backs,however they have  blinders on,and fail see the steep edge  the are approaching

 SO, really  not much has  changed Y'all  OBAMA "DOES NOT" CARE is not in FULL effect until 2014

The court bounced this  Horrible  LAW  back to the People  were it belongs  to  be slayed  once and for ALL never to rise again!

 THE glass is HALF FULL  Warriors  not half empty 

We have some time left ....  let's USE IT wisely 

 When will we learn  indeed!

Comment by Chris Ross on July 2, 2012 at 4:42pm

Good Question Alvaro. In my opinion we are faced with only one option now which is to vote in Romney which makes me sick just thinking about it and then hold him very close and accountable to everything he does. We then really have to make a concerted effort to move away from these Progressive centrists. Lets try to make everyone happy  type people and move towards Constitution following Libertarian conservatives who will do nothing but uphold the constitution in everyway which is what they were supposed to be doing all this time while we were asleep.

Comment by Chris Ross on June 29, 2012 at 12:02pm

Good points by both of you guys!


Comment by Lisa Mei Norton on June 28, 2012 at 11:17pm

It is a sad day, indeed, Chris...all the more reason to get everyone fired up to head to the polls in Nov.  While we may not care for our nominee....he did not associate with radicals/Commies/Marxists/Socialists like this current tyrant has all his life....and we will keep an eye on his every move WHEN he wins in Nov.  We have no other choice....Obama with 4 more years is a GUARANTEED End-of-America-as-we-know-it scenario.


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