We live in the greatest nation on Earth. American children grow up knowing that they can be anything they want to be, go anywhere and do anything. Be the best you can be, no matter what you do. Land of the free, home of the brave. What makes us so different? We are a Republic, we have a capitalist society. Capitalism isn't evil, it's part of the American Dream. Invent, design, produce and sell. American business owners, small or large, provide jobs, services and products that we need or want. That is not evil. Why does the media and our current DC cronies spout the evilness of the rich (and most of these people complaining have rather large bank accounts numbering in the millions), envy is evil. Rich people start foundations, scholarships, build medical centers and contribute to worthy causes like Hurricane Katrina and cancer research.There is a saying that it takes money to make money, so true. Poor people don't own banks, hotels or manufacturing plants. America donates millions if not billions to other countries when there are natural disasters. Is that what evil rich people do? 

America was founded on Godly principles and there are those that won't acknowledge that. We are a free country, free to believe what we want. You choose to not believe in God? That's you're choice and you're free to make it, but don't infringe on other's rights to their religious beliefs. We have media, legislatures and other's in power preaching tolerance, yet where is it for Christianity? We currently have teachings about religion in middle and high schools. It is specifically about the Muslim faith, but do they give Christianity the same acknowledgement? If your child came home and said his name was Abraham for the next 3 weeks and he will be dressing as Abraham did and learn how to sacrifice a calf, what would the response be? That isn't happening in our schools, but he could be coming home any day now saying his name is Ahmed and he will dress as they do in Iraq or Syria. He will read from the Quran, recite the Islamic prayer of salvation, visit a mosque and participate in Jihad. What is your response now? Oh, it's okay, the Muslim faith is about peace. The Christian religion does not condone beheading, honor killings, marrying 5 year old girls and wife beating. The "peaceful religion" allows men to marry 5 year old girls,  won't allow a woman to say she was raped unless there were adult men as witnesses. They behead members of their own families and they kill people that don't believe as they do. Yeah, we need to practice tolerance. When we speak out about these atrocities we are labeled racists, we're bigots.  Let me propose this---we create racial divides. We also create financial division. In schools, in the medical field, on practically every form we fill out there are questions asked that categorize us. Isn't that causing division? In the realm of public safety we have a huge problem. We can't put out an APB with a physical description unless that person is white, otherwise we're profiling. Why isn't it profiling if it's a white man with blond hair and blue eyes? A white woman with brunette hair and hazel eyes? It's only racist if we are white and they aren't. It's only the conservatives, the patriots who are bigots, is that what we are to believe? 

America is a great country, but with serious problems. If our elected officials would follow the Constitution and do away with any laws/treaties that are unconstitutional our country could correct itself. It's past time to go back to our Constitution. The over-reaching government, it's what the founding fathers knew would happen, the reason they put together our Constitution. With Divine help, our founding fathers wrote a document that would carry us through till the end of time. We American Patriots are willing and able to stand and defend our country, our freedom and our families against enemies, foreign and domestic. Prayer and guidance by our Holy Father will help us prevail, we will not give up the fight!

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