I sing. When life is pressing on me I sing. When I feel joy I sing. 

This is my gift. This is my being.

It may seem unpolished or insignificant to others, but it is a shining jewel to me.

I can play guitar well enough to accompany myself, but I'm not a guitarist.

I can write a song, perhaps even turn a clever phrase.

But in the end it is derivative of music I heard before, and limited by my ability to play various instruments.

But my voice is my instrument. Every voice has its' own color and sound. No two voices truly sound alike.

I continually seek to learn better technique. To challenge myself with different styles.

I add my voice to music already composed and proven as a standard. Or classic and beautiful.

I play along with great music using my voice.

I don't imagine myself as among the best.  I'm ok.

But I still get joy out of performing.

Unfortunately with the schedule of work that I have I'm unable to go out and perform in front of live audiences like I used to do in the old days.

Perhaps one day I will again. But until then, the only outlet I have to share my musical expressions is through the internet.

This is why I post songs here, there and everywhere.

So I ask for your understanding, forgiveness and indulgence.

I guess I'm like an old hound that still wants to go on the hunt.

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Comment by Lisa Mei Norton on August 22, 2013 at 7:08pm

We love listening to you sing, Tom...hopefully one day you will be able to get out and perform again...but for now, with the internet....the world is your stage!


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