PUTTIN MY TOOTS SENSE IN…  is this asking too much??? We all know, the men and women who serve in the United States Military do it for the Love of Country not for the LOVE of money…  We also know  they make practically nothing, and risk practically everything,  coming home by the thousands, missing limbs, in need of mental care and all sorts of surgeries… and the government that put our BRAVE men and woman in harms way,  SAYS… they can't  seem to figure out how to pay for all their needs… so let me see if i got this straight…  our beautiful loving competent  government  always seems to  find a way to pay for planned parent hood , acorn, NPR, cash for clunkers, billions in frivolous lawsuits, billions in fraudulent waste, the union scum, bail outs  to car companies that quite frankly SUCK!!  billions on bridges to nowhere, giving subsidies to oil companies, throwing away billions on green energy, paying lazy good for nothins to sit at home and do absoTOOTly nothing.. FOR 99 WEEKS!!!  pay teachers that can't teach but have tenure, pay pensions that are so out of touch with reality because of deals that were struck by who knows who, way back when,   spend millions on tax payer vacations, spend billions on out of control public salaries, spend trillions in stimulus  that just simply diapered without a trace,  and mean while they found a way to cut our Military budget.. well that’s  because those brilliant Republicans once again COMPROMISED with the liberal PIGS!!! yet these same scum bag politicians  in Washington D-Sleazy can't seem to find the MONEY to pay for the basic needs of Americas Heroes!!!  Hey politicians for once in your pathetic sleazy rotten lives do the right thing without worrying about VOTES!!! and get our soldiers what EVER the hell they need to live as normal a life as humanly possible!!!   how bout this… BEFORE you give one red cent to ANY of your pet projects…take care of the ONE and ONLY thing you're suppose to take care of… OUR VETERANS!!!!  Is that asking too much???? TS

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Comment by Lisa Mei Norton on May 29, 2012 at 7:59pm

Amen Brotha Toots!!


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