Left just can’t understand the Constitution

WaPo’s Ezra Klein says the Constitution is too hard to understand because its over 100 years old. The left does not believe in any basis of law. As Rep. Alcee Hastings said they just make it up as they go.

"Modern, big-government liberalism has come home. The Progressives were the first generation of Americans to criticize the United States Constitution, especially for its limits on government’s scope and ambition. They rejected the American Founders’ classical or natural rights liberalism, offering instead a vision of the modern state as a kind of god with almost limitless power to achieve “social justice.”‘ ~ The Claremont Institute.

"If We Do the Possible, God Will Do the Impossible"

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Comment by Brian Futch on January 6, 2011 at 11:12am
They understand the Constitution completely.  That's why they want to get rid of it.  They know that if the American people govern themselves per the constitution, then they won't be able to take what they want and give to whomever else they want.  The constitution takes the power out of the hands of the politicians and gives it to the American people.  They can't have that.  You certainly don't hear him griping about the tax code, now there's something no one can understand.  Let's start by getting rid of that.


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