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While Paul was sailing, his men all around

God told him that not a man should drown

If you trust in me and obey I will save you all today

It was sad when that great ship went down.             ~ Pete Seeger

Thirty nine years ago in Morgan City Louisiana, I found myself staring into the barrel of gun pointed at my head by a man who at one time was Al Capone’s personal bodyguard…a man they called “The Grinch”. Three years ago in Beacon New York, I found myself staring into the friendly eyes of Pete Seeger at a gathering of Hudson Clearwater friends. Both men were my hosts…and could not possibly have been more opposite one another if one stood on the South Pole while the other stood on the North Pole. The former knew me, the latter did not. I loved them both.

I had just returned from a Tea Party gathering in Washington to protest Obamacare on the eve of the House vote. Within hours I was singing and playing in a song circle with Seeger and company…only in America! I played my original “Devil in Me” (linked below) in the key of G which they were on to in a heartbeat. I was struck by Seeger’s youth (91) and his every-man-ness…it was all a bit surreal. If I didn’t have to think about it, I’m sure I’d make a great Communist!

I honestly believe that it is my Liberal Heart that makes me a truly good Conservative. Not many Liberals can say they used to be Conservatives, but there are many of us Conservatives who finally found the steady ground of Conservatism in the course of life’s trials and errors, successes and failures. I imagine it’s much easier for a Communist to make music in a Capitalist country than it would be for a Capitalist to do so in a Communist country. I’m sure there are taxpayer-funded studies…

Like the repeating cycle in Pete’s “Where have all the flowers gone?” Flowers>Young Girls>Husbands>Soldiers>Graveyards>Flowers…We’ve been here SO many times before! How many lifetimes of ginning up the “everymen” to hate the “1%” by $4 million-vacation-loving Presidents and $25 million-per-year Daily Show Hosts will we endure, like lemmings to the same old cliff? The President called for “Action” last night…they always do. Where will the everyman be then? Maybe Pete knows…now.

Titanic decks are getting wet from icebergs of misery…Devil in Me

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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Comment by Chip Murray on January 29, 2014 at 8:34am

Hey Shannon...yeah, thanks! I think you're right...and people naturally avoid conflict and take the easy way. Oh the irony, eh?

Comment by Shannon Tracy on January 29, 2014 at 8:18am
Most people live in a both-and way. They have to: they have children, or a past, etc. Too many people reject the whole idea of politics, imagining it to mean they will have to lob off people they love, even have to lob off parts of their very selves to fit into an either or box. Not so. Not so.
A value in the philosophy of this site is that it disrupts and discredits the propagandized cliches about politically conservative people. I know many of my favorite American writers of the early 1900's were socialists. Their talent, however, in telling the story of American people, overcomes my rejection of their political positions.
To know where you stand and who you love --- and why --- is a great gift of freedom and life.

If you have not read Dosteovsky's (sp?) thin book: NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND, I think you would enjoy it.


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