PUTTIN MY TOOTS SENSE IN... i think we have to look to history for the answers on this election.... and that independent splitting the vote, boat definitely don't float!! cause in 1992 we saw that ship go down slow and ugly!!! this is more like 1980 when the presidential debates were the deciding factor!!! liberalism must be exposed to the world accurately and articulately for the pure evil it is , or we are done!!! and el presidente is the face of PURE EVIL!! so, who ever the guy/girl is that we chose, better be quick on their feet, skilled in the art of mental dissection and intellectual intercourse while verbally sodomizing el presidente with a confident smile on his/her face!!! No more mr nice guy, like mr.McGoo in 2008.. cause that boat don't float either!!!

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Comment by Patty Smith on December 20, 2011 at 1:08am

The Presidential Titanic. Don't ya wish they'd start asking the candidates, "what about Fast and Furious? What about Agenda 21? Are you for abolishing the IRS, how about the EPA??" I want those answers and I want to know who exactly who will stand up and make those criminals in the government accountable for the laws they've broken! To jail I say! Time to drop the environmentalism and let us use our natural resources. Get rid of the skisms, skazms and spasms!


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