So what if McCain beat Obama in 2008? Would the world be that much different today?

What if McCain beat Obama? Would anything have changed? I say not really. Would the economy be any better than it is now? Would we still have entered into conflicts with Libya? Supported the takedown of Mubarak? What would have been our actions in Syria or Iran? How different would the world be in general? What would the hard left be saying about McCain? In fact would Hillary now be in a superb position to be elected President over a one term President McCain? For those of you that might recognize me I am a singer-songwriter in the Patriot movement. My song Freedom has been played on the Glenn Beck Radio show in 2010. I have been featured on Breitbart's Big Hollywood in a Lisa Mei Norton article. Freedom was named one of the top 10 best(Worst) tea party themed songs in 2010 by the Huffington post. Exactly how the article was titled, which always makes me laugh. I am a frequent blog contributor on Big Dawg music mafia and I consider myself to be a blend of a Jeffersonian, Judge Napolitano, Republican, Libertarian, if such a term actually exists. I know this thought may go against the establishment thought process, but I ask you, What if McCain beating Obama actually didn't change anything at all but maybe actually made it worse?

The economy we see today has been a long time coming. No policies of Obama, Bush, Clinton and you can go all the way back to any president after Woodrow Wilson and the creation of the Federal Reserve. But I can tell you that no one policy has singularly brought us here. There are certain polices that helped speed things up for sure. No doubt! Like, When Richard Nixon took us off the Gold standard in 1972 and exclaimed we are all Keynesians now! Gee didn't Newsweek just say something similar recently that we are all socialists now? But I digress. Did I just upset the Republican base with the Nixon comment? Ok let me be fair and rip Bill Clinton in the same light by saying two of his acts are the primary reason the financial crisis of 2008 was sped up. #1 The Repeal of Eisenhower's Bank Holding Act which prohibited the forming of too big to fail or Megabanks to form which led the way for the Goldman Sach's and Lehman brothers to get too big to fail. And even more so, The commodity futures modernization act of 2000 led the way for derivatives never to be regulated. You can thank the advice of one Mr. Larry Summers for that as well. Wait isn't he described as a genius by the lapdog media? Yes Larry you are a genius in turning the financial world into a chaotic ruin! So there I called out two presidents from two different parties whose policies equally helped fast forward America's pure capitalist system into a Zombie Bank Crony Capitalist system.

Back to my original question. What would have changed under McCain? McCain at best is a centrist progressive republican who is probably not much different than how Bill Clinton thinks today. At best he would have been George Bush Jr # 2. In fact there are a lot of similarities between Bush and McCain. Bush brought us the Patriot act who as a young late 20 something after 9-11 I supported that act. I thought, "I am not a terrorist so what do I have to worry about?" Not so sure about that now that I am hearing from the Obama administration that Liberty minded people aren’t so liked. Now McCain co sponsored the NDAA bill which allows American citizens to be locked up or killed without due process. Please spare me the "Yes but that is not its intention crap." I don't want to hear it. When you study history, specifically our forefathers like Thomas Jefferson. You start to appreciate how incredible they actually were. In fact I am willing to go out on a limb and call them Prophets of Liberty. Their genius saw this day coming. They warned us time and time again almost as if they were able to get in a time machine and travel forward to today and then come back and warn us through their writings. Ben Franklin said "What you have is a republic if you can keep it." He also described democracy as two wolves and a lamb voting on what to eat. He understood that Mob rule was bad. He knew that the only way to protect the lambs from the wolves, where the lamb would have a voice, was through a republic. Thomas Jefferson warned us: "If the American People allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the People of all their Property until their Children will wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered." This is exactly what happened folks. That day is here. It is happening in slow motion, but it is here none the less.

Let me first say I am a fan of pure capitalism much like Jefferson was. I am not a Soros co-opted Occupy Wall Street guy. I am not asking for more state controlled business or government run super banks pushing for communism or socialism. And I am certainly not calling for a global currency which is probably what is coming down the pike for us. I am telling you that the two party system in which we are spoon fed our choices is broken. Tell me how Romney is suddenly different than McCain or Bush? These people are all slaves to debt and mega banks and whoever else is pulling the strings. It really makes no difference. AS we progress to the days ahead Have courage. Do your own research. Listen to the words of your forefathers who built and created the foundation of this great country. Do not let them take this land and our principles away from us. Stop letting them tell you what you have to eat or drink in the case of Bloomberg. Or what to think. Remember Individual liberty trumps collective liberty because it can't be controlled. Equal Justice is the way to equality for all, not social justice. Have courage people, do not be sunshine patriots. Be a hearty mooring in the wind! Be an American for God's sake!

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Comment by Chris Ross on June 15, 2012 at 9:44am

FW-Well that is the main crux of my point is that yes there would be sidebar things that would be a little different. The relations with Israel being one of them for sure. And they are important things but I don't think the world would be much different at all actually. I am glad you agree with me Historically. I think people need to wake up and see just how far down the road we are now. We really have to stop playing these silly political games of well Mitt Romney did his time so now is his day. Which was the same thing we were spoon fed with McCain. Trust me I am conservative. But I've matured from an unwise, unawake George Bush conservative to a Libertarian Judge Nap kind of conservative. The trojan horse of a debt apocalypse is here and it has infected the world. The exact warnings of Thomas Jefferson and his prophetic vision of what a private central bank system would do is here right now. Yes the enemy abroad is dangerous(Radical Islam etc) But the Enemy within the gates is even more dangerous and more important to deal with now. Romney will only slightly stave off the inevitable and buy us only a little more time. We need to all look in the mirror and grow up and face the reality that we are broke. We did not listen to our forefathers. Most people (At least 5-60%)are under the influence of normalcy bias  and think everything will magically get better if either Romney or Obama wins and that what is going on in Europe could never happen here when in reality our debt to GDP ratio is actually worse than some of those countries. It is the main reason I got behind Ron Paul and I dont agree with his foreign policy. And I know it ostrasized me from others in the conservative movement. But again if you had an enemy at your front door trying to break in(Central Bank debt crisis) and you had others thosands of miles away like Iran etc. Which would be the enemy you fought first? We have to take down the debt cartel / Nanny state society right now or Freedom is finished for a long long time.

Comment by Chris Ross on June 14, 2012 at 9:13am

I submitted this article into a blog competition that was about the topic: Would things be drastically different had John McCain won in 2008.


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