It has become so crystal clear to me now. We are in the heat of our folly…driven by folly, led by folly and ultimately deceived…by our own folly. In this paradigm, the game is over…period! End of story! I listen and watch as friends and cohorts…people I love, respect and admire, who continue to plot, plan and deal in this dead paradigm of utter hopelessness. We have become hungry beggars refusing to treat our own hunger…we are the blind by virtue of our refusal to open our own eyes! And until we do, we are doomed to live a self-imposed hell in the City of Man!

The President, King and Emperor of the City of Man made two painfully revealing comments to unmask this reality. When asked if he believed America was exceptional, he replied, “I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism …” (In my opinion, these words are the most treasonous toxin an American President could deliver to the heart of America! Prager hits it linked below.) And his now infamous “You didn’t make that happen” slap in the face of American Small Businessmen and Women! Well beyond innocent gaffes, these words belie evil intent! And as the American sheep look nervously to the Supreme Court for relief, they reply, “It’s not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.” Just another day in the City of Man!

As Michael Voris reminded us, during the first half of the last century, America the “Great Human Experiment” was a much different place. With income tax at 2% we had no reason to be as absorbed in politics and politicians as we are today. The great Saint Augustine lamenting the very same folly of man during the fall of another great empire, wrote The City of God…in the 4th Century! The truth no politician wants you to know is that America was once The City of God! Christendom was the heart and soul of America as intended by our Founders and understood or a least accepted by every American President…until now! We ALL operated on the basis of the same moral code. And then came the sixties! As the moral code receded, the political class expanded and “poof”, welcome to the City of Man we are mired in today!

The Kabbalists have their own “Big Bang” (Tzim-Tzum) theory that goes something like this. In the beginning, God was literally everything. And when you are everything (like most politicians), there is no room for anything else. So Tzim-Tzum was the greatest Big Bang Love of all. The Greatest Contraction! Everything became Nothing at once in order for us to be born! Can you imagine this Love from a politician in the City of Man? Sorry, I have to pause here from laughing so hard!

So my friend, please don’t think me rude for refusing to indulge your fantasy. But that is exactly what this horse race is. We think we are watching the horses go around in circles and they are hysterical in their barns because at least they know they are running around in circles! And if this isn’t so, then please tell me what changes in the City of Man even if the Republicans take the White House and both Houses of Congress? Please comment here and share this wisdom with us all!

So, do you want to know where George Washington is? He will come when we have learned to speak God again…and not one minute sooner. No politician will save us because it is not in their nature to do so! When we ourselves shake off our folly and begin to manifest the Tzim-Tzum qualities of the very Love that made us who we are…then and only then will we begin to change this hellish paradigm! A great place to start would be to pick up your phone, call your cable provider and cancel the 24/7 river of poison flowing into your homes. And then grab your kids, hug ‘em to death and tell them who we really are for Christ’s sake!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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