The Covering of Grace by the Diabolical!

Em-i-nence (n) 1. An outstanding rank or degree. 2. A lofty place, as a hill. 3. A title of honor applied to cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church.

More wondrous news from the rabbit hole of what used to be an honorable place my friends, read and weep: 

67th Annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial
Foundation Dinner

Thursday, October 18, 2012
The Waldorf=Astoria
Keynote Speakers:
President Barack Obama*
and Governor Mitt Romney

*Enemy of the Catholic Church, ergo Enemy of Christ, ergo Ally of Satan! Period!

Al E. Smith was the first Catholic presidential candidate. The first Al E. Smith Dinner, an annual fundraiser for Catholic charities was held in 1945. Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy were the keynote speakers in 1960. There are two huge differences between then and now. We had honor then and we knew who our enemies were and we treated them accordingly.

I am new to the Catholic faith Cardinal Dolan so please forgive my inquisitive nature on matters that are surely mundane to your Eminence. But I first need to come to a better understanding of the title Eminence as it relates to the office you hold…with great pride I am sure. Since the title clearly represents your “outstanding rank” and “honor” in the Catholic Church, would I be correct in assuming that as such you have distinguished yourself in your service to our Lord Jesus Christ among those of the faith? And thus, would it then be fair to say that incumbent in your acceptance of such honor is your loyalty to our Lord Jesus Christ above any and all earthly kings?

Then why on earth would you seek to honor one who has so clearly violated the sacred tenants of our faith? And far worse than that, he has openly and flagrantly disgraced the image of our Lord on more than one occasion…most recently by covering our Lord in black in his own home at Georgetown University…A JESUIT SCHOOL before the eyes of our children at their own commencement ceremony!

How in the world do I dare talk to my children about the importance of rank and honor now after you honor the man who seeks to diminish the life and death of the greatest prophet to have ever walked the earth to a caricature no different from Santa Claus…a caricature we take out and put away on a whim…with the change of the season? Any fat man can fill the jolly red suit sir. I hope and pray that you have brought more than girth to the robes you wear and the office you hold so dear.

Michael Voris seems to have his doubts…

Please feel free to let them know how you feel…

…and then please sign the petition and pass it along! May God Bless & Keep us forever in his glory!



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