The Faint Roar of America’s Old Bulldogs

My fellow patriots, friends, and countrymen – America is in deep political and spiritual crisis. We the People feel her pain, turmoil, and anguish for we are America. Our grand and glorious Republic has reached a crucial and pivotal fork in our destiny that demands our gravest attention and councils. On our right is a bright path that celebrates a culture and heritage of life and liberty for all Americans, but on our left is a dark path that celebrates a new culture of death and violence. These two cultures are battling for the heart, mind, soul, and spirit of America; they cannot coexist in meaningful peace and spiritual harmony, so we must choose our path with great care and wisdom.

We are now witnessing the pre-stages of an explosive conflict that could very well spark a new civil war and dissolution of our great Republic and its Constitution. While there are good Patriots among us that deeply and passionately care about preserving our hard-earned and blood-bought freedoms, heritage, and traditions, there are a great many among us that simply care not for the labor of such preservation. These are the Wards of the Nanny State that willingly trade their rights, freedoms, and sovereign independence for mere welfare checks and food stamps from Big Government, and these are the ones that will allow Obama to force socialism, Marxism, and communism into every strata of our society, government, education, courts, and Constitution.

The Wards of Freedom and the Wards of the State are the combatants in this epic struggle, and this fight may well shake and level our very foundations. Now is the time to quietly gather your food, supplies, guns, ammunition, medicines, and other emergency essentials before this battle erupts in hellish fury. Do not get caught unprepared, but do not let fear motivate and guide you. As the Bible solemnly declares, “Greater is He that is in us than he that is in this world.”

Our Government, its Courts, and its overzealous agents no longer serve We the People and the Sovereign States. They have set themselves up to be our masters and not our servants. Our Constitution, and the intent of its Framers, are being subjugated and subverted by an oligarchy of nine unelected, and unaccountable, Supreme Court justices that have squandered and stolen our constitutional rights and freedoms. They have supplanted our Federal Republic with a national and unbridled government that answers not to the Rule of Law, our Constitution, or the consent of We the People and the Sovereign States. We were not founded one nation under God but one confederacy under God of free, independent, and sovereign states; yet We the People and the Sovereign States have little, if any, voice in the affairs of our government and its courts. It is We the People that are the vanguards of our Constitution and freedoms; but our courts and government now presume themselves to be our vanguard and slave master.

Our divine and inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all Americans has been subordinated and subjugated to the whims, restrictions, and privileges of our courts, judges, and nationalist elites. Our so-called “democracy” has become a “mob-ocracy,” as feared by many of our Founding Forefathers and the Framers of our Constitution. Nationalism has supplanted Federalism - in clear disregard of our Articles of Confederation and the Constitution. Uncage our Constitution, and restore the inalienable and sovereign rights that are the divine heritage of We the People and the Sovereign States!

Many are the voices that dare say all hope is gone and freedom is vanquished, but I refuse to heed such insanity. As Edmund Burke once so eloquently stated, “Evil flourishes because good men do nothing.” Where have all of our good men, and women, gone? Where are their voices crying out for freedom and justice? Are their knees so weak, their backs so soft, their voices so brittle, and their spines so cowardly that they have given up the good fight for the rights and freedoms that have already cost us Americans so dearly in sweat and blood? Where are our Patriots and our heroes? Where are the competent leaders and dedicated warriors to protect us? I moan and groan for America.

Have our People lost sight that our inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness come not from government but from God? Have they lost sight that we were founded a small and tightly regulated Federal Republic, governed by Rule of Law and the Sovereign will of the People and the States, and not an all powerful, intrusive, and unbridled national Democracy? Do they not know that our courts, government, and elected representatives answer to We the People and not us to them? It is indeed most troubling that our Government has become our master and not our servant. It is a responsibility of the People to watchdog their government and representatives, to ensure compliance with our wishes and Constitution. We the People are the watchdog of government, but government is not the watchdog of the People and the States. I guess our watchdog has lost his bark and bite; cataracts now spot his aging eyes, but his mind and wit are as sharp and vigilant as ever.

This battle now belongs to the young bulldogs, as it should be. Freedom must ever be defended by each generation if it will survive the onslaught of time and lost memory. The young bulldogs hanker for a fight and fresh blood, yet often do they refuse to heed the wisdom and council of the old bulldogs; they fight without a focus or battle plan. There is a reason why old generals run a war while young troops fight the battles for freedom. Where are our young bulldogs and Patriots? Have all been lulled to sleep and apathy by the pied-pipers of the New World Order? When so many are asleep in deep slumber, how do we wake them to slay the giants that now steal and plunder our posterity and heritage as they seek to bury and seal us in our caskets – along with our Constitution and freedoms?

I know not what course and actions others may take, but this old bulldog will not stand idly by or cower in my bed while socialism, Marxism, and communism advance their tyranny and shame here in America. To Obama and his Obamabots that seek to rewrite our Constitution, heritage, and freedoms, I say, “Hands off my God, Country, and Guns!” This old bulldog, and others like me, still have a bite to be feared; and we are not afraid to keep you in line until the young bulldogs can join our fight and fray. If need be, with final breath, will we shout, “Give us liberty for ALL Americans or give us death, and restore our constitutional Federal Republic!”

Ignore us at your own regret and peril, for We the People and the Sovereign States have awoken and spoken!

Author’s Note:

My intention was to write this blog from the perspective of America’s old bulldogs (like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, or Patrick Henry) speaking to the young bulldogs in our generation today. If they were still here among us, what would they say to us? How would they encourage us to pick up their torch for life and liberty to preserve our great legacy, heritage, and freedoms that were secured at such great cost and sacrifice? Are our young bulldogs even ready to assume their leadership and mantle? A great many are not. Dark and menacing days will soon face our society, courts, and government. America barely survived one civil war, and we may not survive another.

I have heard the distant faint roar of America’s old bulldogs. I feel their pain, message, and passion. They are no longer here to fight our battles; this is now our day in the sun. We can learn much from their wisdom as they guide us into preserving our heritage, freedoms, and Constitution. (For the sake of the few that stand proud and strong, may the Almighty yet stay his righteous hand of divine judgment over our land.) The roar of the old bulldogs may be faint by the passage of time, but the roar of the new bulldogs is strong and mighty. It is time for the young bulldogs to assume their legacy and mantle as the new big bulldogs for freedom. May life, liberty, and the Almighty keep America strong and true!


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