Traditional American Values & Principles

Reprinted from ROC newsletter Issue #22-2011

Traditional American Values & Principles
By Dave Kasold

That which we traditionally have valued as Americans are targets directly in the left's sights, and yes, they do have them!

The train wreck that our country has experienced since the Democrats regained power in 2006 has been a spectacular debacle viewed from around the world.  While our enemies cheer, and our former friends (thrown under the bus) look on with grave concerns, America is being devastated from within by determined radicals with an old, depleted ideology that has historically failed repeatedly. And whether or not many faithful in the Democrat party realize it, those leading them, the Democracy Alliance of progressives, are hardliners, funded to be the sole permanent influence, and intent on using any means necessary to derail America as we know it. They want central control socialism, they want international rules and laws that are foreign to who we are, and they want to shake up any chance America can continue to lead, and they want the individual self determination of Americans along with our Constitution to become relics from the past.

These leftists state they are the ones "saving" the American way of life. How they can claim this with a straight face, is beyond the imagination.

Everyday the news cycle confirms more bad news for Americans, brought on by their policies. Of course it is not reported that way, lest the truth become too commonly known.  Much of that news has to do with an economic climate of uncertainty created by the same people who have been charged with improving it. The useful ideas of those holding power are few in number and dependent on having the productive sectors of our society forever supplying the money, and on them having the power to access as much of it as their whims require. The clock is ticking however, the shroud of deceit is unraveling, the American people will not allow so much of what they believe in to be assaulted and systematically dismantled.

Traditional American values and  principles are the prime target of the left because they interfere with the left's model of government.  When the campaign advisers for then candidate Barack Obama picked his infamous slogan of "Yes we can," the savvy marketers behind the slogan knew this was a message that would resonate with core American values. However the "we" within it meant "government" to him, not our "can do" spirit. These people want us to depend on them, not on ourselves.  The needier, the better for them. For us it has always been about our independence.

People need to have jobs (a three letter word per VP Biden) to stay independent.  We are about to enter our third "summer of recovery" in the near future with no recovery in sight yet.  In fact looming hikes in numerous taxes, burdens of regulation costs, and prices make recovery unlikely anytime soon according to economists. This summer will be different than the others though, our homes are less valuable, our national debt has downgraded the nation's credit rating, fuel prices are soaring, and the price of food and everything else transported to market costs more.

When the daredevil Evel (Evil) Knievel was wowing summer crowds (in between breaking a record 433 bones) by undertaking some daring, but highly risky motorcycle jumps over seemingly impossible barriers during the 1970's, he stretched the limits of both man and machine to the limits, for maximum effect. Often costumed in stars and stripes, he became a living American legend, and superhero of sorts. Boys, who have always done stupid stuff like this, loved imitating him and related to his daring.  Actually Evel was capturing both the "can do" American spirit and its associated risk and reward, and reinventing and innovating based on earlier vehicle stunt acts by others.

But Knievel was the one assuming the risk in his act, he didn't require everyone watching him to also attempt his feat of jumping 14 buses!  Our leftist president, and his Green-Industrial Complex buddies, including an endless stream of crony capitalist participants (relationships he hides) are trying to force us to jump however, by committing America to a suicidal course that depends on energy sources that don't supply us enough energy, and won't, because they cannot. He has ignored reality, stretched the truth about renewable energy to a breaking point, strapped about 200 buses together, and said 'we will all jump or crash.'  So we will all crash, whether we want to try the jump or not. Millions of new green jobs promised were never going to happen either. Still they have no plans to adjust course. Cap and trade may have failed, but the EPA, aka Eliminate Productive America, is his tool of choice to force us now.

Common sense has always been a traditional American value as well.  We know that we still depend of oil, coal and gas-- and will for a long time into the future. What government is trying to force to happen, will not make it happen.  So President Obama should stop wasting 10's of  billions $ a year, and shutting out our own natural resources we could be using productively.  And by the way, our production output ratio to energy consumed is the highest efficient rate in the world already.

A willingness to take risks for reward, independence, common sense and the pursuit of truth are just a few of the traits shared by traditional Americans. There are many, many more.  But these few touched upon here are clearly under attack by the left... and this is the rule, not the exception.  The left seeks to regulate all perceived risks, create envy and enable redistribution over rewards, make as many dependent on government as possible as this translates into future votes, and they want us to leave our common sense behind and rely on their media tales as truth.

Americans must draw on our values and beliefs in the fight to thwart this attack. Our American way of life is strong and tested, and we have a "can do" attitude and DNA that is built by our experience, success and hard work.  Though we are generally independent minded, we know how to come together when threatened to ward off our enemies, and the people that are trying to undermine everything we value and believe in certainly are not our friends with our interests in mind.

[Links in this opinion piece go into some very revealing information we all should know if we plan to win, because we need to know what we are up against. To find other like-minded individuals discussing the issues important to Americans please join the Traditional American Movement]

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