'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the land
All the people were fighting, just as “O” planned
Our stockings were empty, our fireplace cold
And the US Treasury had stolen most of our gold
We had no Christmas pudding, no turkey nor ham
While Obama used his finger to plug up the dam
The debt ceiling was falling while Michelle spent our cash
And Big “O” did his best to throw our rights in the trash
Malia and Sasha were all snug in their beds
With the sounds of Hawaii singing in their sweet heads
Unaware of the suffering that the rest of us felt
The Affordable Care Act forced us to tighten our belts
Benghazi was forgotten, Fast and Furious too
While We the People argued about just what to do
The Left hurled insults and ignored all the facts
And the media kept busy trying to cover O's tracks
While the Right had its hands full with RINOs and such
They found keeping up was just a little bit much
So our halls went undecked with holly and bows
There were no Christmas booties to warm our cold toes
We had no health insurance, they had canceled our plans
And we scurried around trying to undo their bans
They put bans on our gun rights and freedom of speech
They stifled our voices when we called to impeach
Our religion was offensive and they twisted God's Word
Then they threw out the race card to keep the pot stirred
But Obama was happy, he took “selfies” and laughed
While the sheople bent over as he gave them the shaft
Even Santa and Jesus were under attack
Why, we all must be racist because they weren't black!
But not everyone was duped by this Messiah gone bad
They began to fight back with everything that they had
They organized rallies to sort out the mess
They loaded their guns and protested the Press
They were stewards of Justice and the American Way
They fought for our rights so we all had our say
The States came together, one by one they stood tall
They fought for our rights, not for some but for all
Then the Justice Department joined in on the fight
And began throwing out all the laws that weren't right
So, little by little, the bad men backed off
When they saw we weren't drinking anymore from their trough
And though the fight isn't over, we've a long way to go
There will be some setbacks as progression is slow
We will be victorious in restoring honor and pride
Because we are the Right and have God on our side!
So I say to you patriots, family and friends
God bless all of you on whom our freedom depends
Do not give up hope in your fight for our rights
A Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

© 2013 The Poet Darkling

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