Why is Sarah Palin So Apealing to Conservatives

      I wrote this a while back and just dug it out again.
       Back in mid summer 2010, I asked a senate candidate a   question: “What makes Sarah Palin so appealing to  conservative voters and such a polarizing political figure?"  

He said, “I don’t know!” I realized at that moment the  magnitude and power of my question.
     After 3 years of attending events, I  have found the simple answer is the following. Sarah struck
 a chord with countless hard working Americans by clearly  communicating her position on the issues most important to  voters.  She had simple common sense solutions that  spoke to the heart of the people.  Her position on the  role of government is that it should be small and limited.
       She made statements like, “We are to  do the people’s business”; “It’s the people’s  money” etc. I have observed from a great number of  Conservatives that Senator McCain was not their first choice. It was Governor Palin who energized them with her  genuine demeanor and valued principals. She has a mystique  unlike many career politicians, which makes her extremely  appealing to voters who are hungry for leadership. Since  Sarah is not a D.C. beltway hack, her candidacy inspired  voters not seen since President Reagan.
     I have attended many events over this  past year and have received comments from a couple thousand
 people. One might say my finger is on the pulse of Americans  who just want to work hard and be left alone and enjoy the  fruits of their labors. Since we’re all inundated by the  corruption in government, out of control spending and false  hope and promises from both parties, we are ticked off. Tax  payers are looking for truth and a trusted leader which they  recognized in Governor Palin.
 Garret Lloyd King

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