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At 5:35pm on July 24, 2012, Franco Antonetti said…

It took us 7 Years.But more importantly,we not only had our criminal record checked,but we had to have a check up and immunization before we could get on the ship from Napoli to N.Y..A great system to stop diseases that ILLEGALS bring to our Land.Diseases that were once gone,are returning,and that is due to Illegals coming across the Borders with who knows what.

At 2:53pm on July 24, 2012, Franco Antonetti said…

Dear Patty;

I was one of those Millions that came to America legally.I have enjoyed the opportunities that America gave me, and through hard work,sacrifices and honest work ethics I succeeded.I raised a wonderful family,retired young and now working relentlessly through my book ,speaking events at universities,Libraries and groups,telling them the danger we are presently experiencing through this Administration.We can lose the opportunity I was freely given.I am very proud of my Heritage, but I am a Naturalized American Citizen,and America is my Home.

At 8:23pm on July 22, 2012, Tom Whitmore said…

Thank You, Patty!


At 1:46pm on July 18, 2012, damnyoumaggot said…

Thank you Patty!

At 3:49pm on July 17, 2012, Sam Balistreri said…

Thank you for the warm welcome.  I know I'm going to love it.

At 2:47pm on July 17, 2012, Joseph Clooney said…

Thank you, Patty! I'm having a great day!

At 11:52pm on July 15, 2012, Ed Turner said…

Thankyou Patty!


At 1:21pm on July 13, 2012, Carol Lovell Tullar said…

Thanks! Great graphic! Glad to be here.....the music is very interesting! Good concept!

At 12:44pm on July 13, 2012, damnyoumaggot said…

Thank you so much! I'm glad to be here.

At 11:28am on July 13, 2012, Doug Russell said…

Thanks for your kind words. It's great to be here!

At 11:59pm on July 11, 2012, Mel Lazenby said…

Thanks Patty! It is great to be in a community of like-minded patriots.

At 1:03pm on July 10, 2012,
Lisa Mei Norton

Thank you, Patty...we couldn't do it without y'all helping us are a great American and I'm proud to be in the foxhole with you and Michael in this Culture War...

God bless and big hugs,


At 11:17am on July 10, 2012, Tim Sage said…

Thanks Patty

At 12:24pm on July 9, 2012, 20 LB. SLEDGE said…

Thank you!

At 5:50am on July 9, 2012, Greg Ray said…
Thanks Patty!
At 6:27pm on July 6, 2012, Cat Copella Daugherty said…

Thank you very much for the welcome! I appreciate that!

At 2:29am on July 4, 2012, Dennis Knill aka Quickdraw said…

Thank you Patty.  There's 3 reasons why I chose that name, none of them to do with QD McGraw.  "Quickdraw" was the callsign for the ship I served on in the US Navy, and (2) I own several guns and partial to the old west 6 shooters, and (3) I am an artist and love to draw... quickly.  Lol.

At 10:23am on June 28, 2012, Gina C said…

Thank you for the birthday wishes. I didn't get notification that I had messages and just noticed it. Thank you so much!! :-)

At 8:36am on June 28, 2012,
BigDawg Music Mafia

Thanks Ms Patty You Rock!

At 10:35am on June 14, 2012, Gina C said…

Thank you!



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