How to Pick the Right Podcast Topic

Podcast channels have become quite popular over the few years. You will come across several in audio and video-sharing platforms. What is a podcast? This is a form of audio broadcasting usually done online on social networking sites, video, and audio streaming platforms. You will come across several of them covering various topics. The Small Town Dicks true-crime podcast is a perfect example that mostly covers big-time crime happening in small American towns.

Podcasting is completely different from conventional radio broadcasting. Podcasts are usually in a Rich Site Summary (RSS) file format, while a broadcast is just an audio recording. Listening to podcasts has become a common way of getting entertained or spending free time among many out there. Some of them discuss informative topics that will keep you in the know of some important things.

You will also come across podcasts with entertaining content. The kind of guests they host will keep you at the edge of your seat. You can also listen to them from any place you wish. As a listener, you should look for a podcast with the right content. Also, look for one with the correct podcasting format. You can also set up your own podcasting channel. All you need is the right audio equipment that will help you tap something of the desired quality. You should also choose suitable topics to attract more listeners. Here is how to identify the ideal topic.

Consider What’s Trending

It is one of the things that can help you settle for the right topic for your podcast and attract more listeners. You should look for the best trending topics in your region and tackle them. Inviting other known guests over for your podcast will boost your channel to a certain extent.


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You should research a specific topic better before deciding what to discuss on a specific day. One thing to do is study other podcasts to understand what they are covering. This will help you come up with something unique to cover on your podcast.

Choose a Topic You Understand

It would help if you also focused on a topic you understand better. This lowers the chances of misleading the public on different issues you decide to cover. Discussing a subject you know best will help you enlighten the public, and you can also cover various issues with confidence. Follow these tips to get the best topic for your podcast.