The Impacts of Likes on Your YouTube Channel

More and more people are having their own YouTube channel. This can be a realization of a hobby, a way to earn money, or both. In either way, you surely want to have your videos liked by those who watch your videos.

In contrast to the common belief by YouTube viewers, the number of likes or dislikes does not affect the earnings of a YouTube channel. They are merely a way to show how viewers react to a video. But more than that, gaining more likes or thumbs up and fewer dislikes or thumbs down has many advantages to a vlogger. Here’s why you should work hard to get those likes on your videos.

More Likes Spur Interest from Other Viewers

If your video has more people liking it, the tendency is, other viewers will be swayed to watch your videos. It may be hard at first, but it will soon gain viewership if you try to look for interesting content and to improve the quality of your videos. But that may not be enough to have that initial boost to help you get noticed by more viewers.

More Likes Mean Higher Ranking

It is not all about keywords that will help your channel get top ranking from YouTube. You can also improve it when more people watch your videos. With more likes, viewers will be swayed to watch the entirety of your videos to know why people gave it the thumbs-up sign. The more people stay on your video, YouTube will acknowledge that and will improve your ranking.

More Likes Can Draw More Sponsors

If you have been watching vlogs, you must have noticed that the more popular a channel is, the more advertisements it has. This is because sponsors will place their ads on channels with more viewers. With more likes, sponsors will see you as a great influencer on your viewers, so they place their ads on your videos. If your videos are starting to get noticed by advertisers, you can now monetize your earnings.

The number of likes may not directly affect your monetization or how much you will earn from YouTube. But it is of great help to get you there. By helping you gain viewers, increasing your ranking, and enticing more sponsors, you should endeavor to get more likes in every video you post on video. You will soon see that your channel has grown beyond your expectation.